Neon Gods by Katee Robert

Let’s meet our story

He was supposed to be a myth and, according to Persephone, a myth she wants to know more about. There was no denying a Hades once ruled the lower city on the other of River Styx. However, for the last few decades, no Hades has been present, and no one knows a Hades still exists. That is, until Persephone runs away from Zeus and her Mother Demeter, after being told she would marry Zeus. Persephone is not wanting to wed him and finds herself in the Lower City and the arms of the very myth, she is obsessed with finding out more about it However, as she understands more, Persephone receives more about the truth behind the monster, Zeus, than she already knew as he hunts down her sisters and threatens war on Hades, that leaves her to never want to go back.

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Neon Gods by Katee Robert was an outstanding tale involving a modern retelling of Persephone and Hades. Though it is a little different from myths and other telling of this pairing, it is beautiful writing. It does have some adult scenes that make it spicy and interesting to read, while having enough plot to carry out you wish you were in the characters’ shoes. I think the best part of the story is how Persephone and Hades have their owns masks and reputations to hold, but simultaneously, those masks come free, and you get bits and pieces of whom they really are.

Even with the dangers that surround them and the monstrosity that is Zeus, threatening to destroy the ones they care about, their trust and devotion to each other shows they really are meant to be together. They both appear to be stubborn about different things and have reputations hat make them appear to be exact opposites, but the saying does go opposites attract. It found this to be really intriguing and even more exciting to read.

I don’t have much to say in negatives, as it was a delightful read. However, that won’t stop me from saying I did not enjoy how conflicted Hades was in the end. I won’t give away hat happened, but its just not something I can Hades ever feeling. I get love makes us do stupid things, but in honesty, it was shocking. Even though it was nice to see, I can’t state it was pleasant, just because of how we look at Hades. It is something to think about,, though.

This beautiful retelling will not be read by young people. It has some very adult scenes that, I feel, should not be available to those under the age of eighteen. These adult scenes add spice and can be a pleasant brief reprieve when things are intense, but they are filthy, adding spice to the book. If it had. Rating it would be rated X. However, I can say that adults who admire fantasy, actions, and mythology will enjoy parts of this book book. It is a refreshing take on the mythical legend oh How Persephone and Hades fell in love.

I am going to rate Neon Gods four out of five stars. While it was extremely delightful and had me from page one, I did find the ending a little out of sorts and felt some of the answers I needed were not provided, causing me to wonder. I know the next book won’t be about them, which will cause me some irritation because of information I feel might be missing.


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