Electric Idol By Katee Robert

A little about our story

After Persephone left the upper city, Psyche is next in Demeter’s sight to marry Zeus. However, after an unlikely photo, Eros and her come up with a plan to keep Aphrodite from killing her. With Demeter and Aphrodite always feuding, Psyche is in a precarious situation. Being paired up with Eros is frightening at first because he is Aphrodite’s fixer. Doing unsavory tasks to eliminate her enemies. Only this time he begins to doubt his mother’s plans. As he and Psyche get closer, he realizes he might be able to still have those softer, human emotions after all. The only problem is his mother is dead set on killing her.

Meat and potatoes anyone?

Electric Idol by Katee Robert is a delightful tale that follows Psyche and Eros through their journey to avoid Aphrodite’s wrath. It is highly entertaining. It kept me on my toes because I had a hard time figuring out how things would play out. I enjoyed trying to guess the twists and turns. I felt every time I had something figured out, it would turn out to not go along with my own theories. Another thing I loved was the fact that Psyche was a plus-size girl. We don’t get a lot of strong women in books with a plus-size girl. It was amazing how she was an influencer and how even those who spoke bad of her, she kept her positivity about herself. It was nice to see her love herself and even when she felt insecure, it seemed to be about things most people would be insecure about no matter what size. It only made me love her more.

Although it was beautifully written, I did find a few things I wasn’t so crazy about. The first being how Demeter is still stuck on the idea of marriage for political gain. I get there are cultures or people like this, but I feel she is way too pushy and secretive about what she is planning and doing. She had already tried one daughter in the previous book, and it backfires but now she wants to try again. I felt this kind of situation left a bad taste in my mouth. Although Demeter is better than Aphrodite, these negotiations for marriage to her daughters make me cringe. Especially since it appears Demeter didn’t take the hint from last time by at least speaking to her daughters about it. I wanted to scream several times at her. I had hoped she learned from her last agenda. She does get her way in the end, but I feel it wasn’t because of her pushiness but the love between sisters that had allowed Demeter to get her way.

Another thing I wasn’t too fond of was Aphrodite in general. I felt we lacked information on her. Yes, we have the basics of she is the goddess of love but why is she so dead set on having people killed or exiled. I can understand he does not like competition but why is she so extreme about it. Needless to say, I feel we needed some background to understand why she is so dangerous and heartless. She could’ve just ruined reputations, but she chose violence. I guess I will never understand her.

When rating Neon Gods, I had to debate with myself. The story had so much to love in it while leaving a few things to dislike. Due to nothing to pinpoint as something I hated, I had decided to go with giving it a five out of five stars review. It was beautifully written, and the plot was compelling and kept me entertained and intrigued enough to binge-read it over two days. I devoured it quickly.

As for recommending this book, I would say it belongs in the adult section. Some scenes contain sexual content, so I would say it would be for a mature audience. I feel it can be a stand-alone as it does give enough information to not become confused with the information it does provide regarding the first book. Besides the few negatives I mentioned, I do highly recommend the book.

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