Den of Vipers by K.A. Knight

Roxy is tough as nails bartender/owner. Having fought her entire life to survive, she doesn’t let anyone scare her and she isn’t afraid to beat up those who break her rules. That is until her father offers her up to four powerful men, to which he owes money to. Now Roxy, a prisoner to these men, needs to learn to survive them or die trying to escape. She puts up a fight and challenges them in ways they didn’t know a woman could, not fully understanding she is a fighter and is not about to show them her weaknesses. Over time, Roxy realizes that they may be considered dangerous and powerful men, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. After all, even a den of vipers needs a queen.

Den of Vipers by K.A. Knight is a brilliantly written book. It contains a lot of adult scenes, whether through violence or mature content. It is pretty gory, I will say I feel some parts should come with trigger warnings as one of the common things we see is knife play and self-inflicted injuries. Granted this is all part of a character, who I will say I absolutely adored for his crazy personality, but it still feels like it could set people off or trigger them. However, this only added to the story in my opinion.

The four men, who have changed their last name to Viper, are very rich and powerful, not to mention feared amongst the city. They each have their own demons and personality, making each character more enticing than the last. With the perspective changes, it allows the reader to better understand them. It was fun going through each chapter, not knowing what will come next. Even though each character was very different in their personalities, they all complimented each other in ways I wouldn’t have thought of doing. It rounded them out and even though each character had their own specialty, they were able to work as a unit.

I can’t think of anything I didn’t like. Don’t get me wrong there were parts I actually cringed and flinched at because it seemed a bit too brutal in my opinion. I could almost feel that pain. It had me questioning, how does one become so immune to the pain that one would willingly harm themselves for enjoyment, or pull off being calm while being tortured. I would have personally had a hard time with it. It had left me with wanting to research pain and the different effects it had on people. After all, some it was pretty gruesome.

As for a rating, this one was a pretty hard one to rate. I absolutely loved it and found myself trying to make it last. The ending was a little rough, but I think that is due to the conflict ending a few chapters before the book actually ended. Even with that, I loved it. This leads us back to the rating, I would say it deserves five out of five stars. It is just inspiring on top of being a fantastic read.

I would not recommend this to those with a weak heart so to speak. The violence can be a little overwhelming at points and the language is a bit concerning for young adults. A lot or cursing and dirty talk. But for those who don’t mind blood and guts or foul language, it is a fabulous book. You might even learn some new things about yourself. I know I did


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