Lock The Doors by Vincent Ralph

Tom has had a difficult life, leaving him with some issues that make his life a little difficult to adjust to, when his mother marries Jay and they mov into their dream house. With his OCD and anxiety, he can often be considered paranoid and odd, even to his newly blended family. With the holes in his door, showing signs of a lock to keep people locked into the room, Tom finds himself hung up on a mystery he now needs to solve. When he learns the new student in his school used to live in the house, he is dead set on saving her from whatever was going on. Only he has no idea what is going on and the more he learns, the more frightening the story turns out to be. e WitqiWi

Lock the Doors by Vincent Ralph is by far an amazing book. It is the first book by his author I have read and I am already wanting to pull number one fan things. Like buying all their books and stalking the author for book updates. This must be the first book in a long time that kept me on my toes. Every time I thought I figured something out, the author would switch up tactics and information to throw me off. The twits kept the story from being bland and too predictable. I absolutely loved devouring this story. Tom was relatable in ways I never would have suspected. With his history with his mother’s past lovers, you can’t help but wonder the kind of strength it took to survive everything they did. However, like most tragic moments, that history left its mark through OCD and anxiety. I absolutely loved those quirks and made me love Tom even more. He became so real to me that I couldn’t help but wonder at times if he was based on a real person.

Another aspect of the story I loved was how the author made me feel while reading the book. Without giving any of the story away, I will say there is one character that drove me up a wall. To the point, at times I was shaking my head and telling my husband that this character was crazy. The fictional piece of work does go over some touchy subjects, like death and child abduction. However, even with these touchy subjects, it wasn’t completely triggering. Though, it did bring up some lovely points about how easy child abductors have it these days. With the devices we have on hand at all times, it does assist thee predators. As we are all a little distracted at times. Though I will say, it makes me appreciate the fact my child is super clingy. I feel this was an amazing thing to touch on, just to say “Hey watch your kids. If you look at your phone, you child could go missing in a few seconds.”

At first, I will say I didn’t find a lot of negatives, but as time went on, I will say the chapters annoyed me. Not the content within them, but the length of the chapters. Most were just a few pages. I felt lucky when I go to a five-page chapter. I literally have so much to say, but I will just say it annoyed me because it felt like a few chapters could be combined for a longer chapter. But I am not the author and therefore, I will admit that I don’t understand the reasoning behind this way of creating chapters. Other than that, I don’t have any issues with the book.

For the reasons above, I find myself unable to rate Lock the Doors, anything lower than five out of five stars. I adored this narrative and found it extremely hard to put down. I know complained about the chapters, but that is literally such a minor thing that I can’t count it against the tale itself. I was highly entertained and thoroughly enjoyed the book. Vincent Ralph now has a fan girl for life.

As far as recommendations would go, anyone who likes suspense and mystery would enjoy this book. I do recommend it being in the YA (Young Adult) genre and up and can’t really say it would not be enjoyable to anyone who picked it up. With the twists and turns, you too may find yourself in love with the writing style of Vincent Ralph. You should check it out.


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