Beta Rising by L.C. Son


He needs to mate to ensure his bloodline continues, but the woman he loves died a few weeks ago. With the idea of just mating with someone to keep the curse of his pack away from them, Mark is left no option but to accept that his wolf is accepting his first love and heart break as his mate. Mark decides that even though there are rumors circling this woman, that he would agree to wait to hear her truth after the ritual which will tie them together so that Mark can officially obtain an heir. During the weeklong stay at the hovel, where this ritual takes place, Mark learns there are sometimes other things at play than what you hear. He is forced to not only recognize his feelings, but to learn to trust his wolf again.


Beta Rising by L.C. Son was a decent read. I will state it was a little short, but not in a way where things felt rushed or left out. The characters were beautifully written, and each had their own personality. I couldn’t help but fall I love with them. I will state though I have some issues with the graphic adult scenes. I love spice in my books. Often, I will not have issues, but I feel like sometimes it was too much. I felt there were times where it was just about the spice, and I wanted to read some plot. I wanted to know more about each character’s past and would have loved more information on some other aspects brought up in the story. There are clear factions and lines drawn for many of the characters, but it doesn’t go into it much. I could have used more in-depth information on said factions and species.

Even with the lack of information and the tons of adult scenes, I did enjoy the plot. I would definitely keep reading the series for answers because the way the book ended felt like a cliff hanger. I enjoyed the way the characters were built. I found some of the side characters interesting as well. Though, I will say they seemed suspicious at times. I want to continue to stress that lack of information though. I believe it would have made the story even more compelling. However, even with that said, I can say it can make a decent smut book.

Due to the lack of information, I can only fairly rate this piece of fiction three out of five stars. I felt frustration with the story and was constantly looking for more information. I would still recommend this book to others who enjoy smut books but would advise it doesn’t feel completed. I would also advise, as a paranormal romance, it has a few cute aspects and maybe only one or two action scenes in the entire book. Though I can still say I would recommend it, I feel there are audiences that should not be able to look at this story.

Young adults and those who do not like sexual scenes in their books, plots and novels, should not be looking to pick this book up. It is very spicy and detailed. The plot may be decent, I feel this novel should not for those who do not care for the spice or adult scenes, as this fictional piece of literature contains a good portion of that kind of thing. However, if that is your thing, please check it out. It is a good novel.

Disclaimer: I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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