Solo Leveling Vol. 1 by Chugong

The world is filled with dangers. Portals open that release monsters into the world. In Korea, one of the Hunter Associations has Jinwoo Sung, who happens to be calls the “the weakest hunter of all mankind.” Since he is so weak, he is stuck doing weak dungeons, classified as E-rank. However, he quickly learns that just because he is the weakest, doesn’t mean he is the dumbest. After one close call with death, he starts getting video game like notifications that no one less can see. He isn’t sure what this means but he does what it tells him, in hopes to become a better hunter to earn more money to help pay his mother’s hospital bills and his sister’s tuition. Jinwoo realizes he has a lot to learn and do to become a better hunter and survive these new conditions laid out for him.


Solo Leveling Vol. 1 by Chugong was an addictive book. I got introduced to it from my husband. He is a big anime fan. He doesn’t like to read, including manga, and asked me to read it to him. I agreed and found I am absolutely enthralled with the story. To get us started with this review, I would like to start with our plot.

The plot quickly sucks you to never let your out. Our hunter that we are mainly following has some unique traits and it is delightful that he must try to learn as they go with these unique skills. It was a bit confusing at the beginning, but it cleared up since we can only know what the characters know. As the story progressed and Jinwoo progresses, it gets harder to put down. I needed to know everything. It does have similar qualities to other “Gaming” manga, but there are differences as well. It will keep you entertained.

The characters we do see have their own personalities and goals. Each one seems to need to feed off the others. In fact, towards the end we do see a kind of pairing form. It is a bit surprising because the two characters in this pairing are so different, but it seems to work and work well. Throughout the entire story, even though we only really follow-on character, getting some in sight to other characters is super great to see. Sometimes it just a nurse or another hunter, but it gives you a nice perspective of how much our main character is growing and changing. Which is apparently a lot more than anyone would in such a short period of time. It does create questions though. Ones I hope we can get later.

Overall, this will be my newest obsession. It looks like more of the volumes will be released later this year. I will be ordering them as soon as I am able to. I would rate this novel four out of five stars. It was so amazing and easily to get lost into the story when you should be out and about doing things in the real world. I will say the story is a little gory, but it is a fighting fantasy. I will say it would be best for young adult and older readers. It is really good, but with all the fighting, anyone too young might not be able to handle it  


The manga and book have many differences. One being explanations and the actual placement of some information. I feel the manga has lovely art but the book feels more complete. The first three volumes of the manga are also covered by the light novel. I feel it’s best to read the manga first then the light novel as the novel fills on any holes in the manga. The art is super gorgeous. However, like the story itself, some of it is a little dark.  To keep with the light novels, I have to read through most of the third volume in the manga.  Even with the differences, I feel they are closely matched and had already figured that there would be differenced, but the differences are great. It makes the novels and manga different enough to make you be able to sink your teeth into both without worrying too much.

Anime release date

After much research, Solo Leveling does appear to be making a television debut in the year 2023. If the anime is as good as these books, I do not see why it won’t be enjoyable. I do want to say to watch at your own discretion, as it is a bit gory.


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