Solo Leveling Vol 2 by Chugong


With the system in place to help him level and instance dungeons on hand to help him learn more about his abilities and levels, Jinwoo decides to help a fellow hunter out getting their guild license. Going through the motions has become boring and Jinwoo is taking dungeons by themselves, but his craving to get more powerful before anyone else finds out what he is capable of, has him striving to do more. This catches the eye of a recruiter from the White Tiger Guild, who then proceeds to recruit Jinwoo, who is dead set on being solo. Jinwoo has other things they need to take care of. Not only to level up, but to also take care of his family.



Last review, I said I believe this is going to be my newest obsession. I was not lying. I just finished Solo Leveling Vol. 2 and I already can’t wait to read the next one. As of right now, only four are available for purchase but later this month Solo Leveling Vol 5 will be released. I will be watching for it to snatch it up immediately. This has become my newest love and I don’t plan on giving it up. Solo Leveling Vol 2 gives us more insight, but not enough. It appears bigger issues are on the horizon and even at the end of the book, I was left speechless and dying to know more.

The characters grow and you can tell Jinwoo is becoming more confident in himself. He still has ideas and thoughts that show is learning and adapting as he goes. In this particular volume, I found the system in which allows him to level up can be confusing. It isn’t very clear, but Jinwoo is learning how to use the system to keep advancing. With him playing with different aspects of the system, I feel like he is looking at as a video game and using his mind to make sure he doesn’t have only one way of doing things. An example of this is showed about midway through the novel, when he uses the penalty quest to go ahead and get out of a situation where he would not be able to recover. That will be all I say on that, no spoilers from me.

I feel Jinwoo since the first volume has increased in his knowledge. He was extremely smart from the beginning but watching him grow and figure things out is half the fun. He is constantly surprising me with how quickly he ends up figuring things out. There are points where I was having a hard time just to understand what was going on, but when Jinwoo gets it figured out and explains his thoughts about it and how he came to that conclusion, you can’t help but go “Ah ha!” It does keep you on your toes are there are situations that seem impossible and create anxiety for the reader, but then you don’t want to put it down. Not because its an action part, but because you can’t wait to see what come next. These novels and manga are selling me on the new upcoming Anime series that released next year for it.

Overall, I will once again rate this book five out of five stars. Not only is it entertaining, but it is full of suspense and has you wanting to know more by the end of the book. There are too many questions I have and not enough answers. Chugong did a fabulous job with this. I am fan girling over here over this series. Not to mention the books are gorgeous. I recommend this to all my anime lovers and fellow otakus. This is an amazing book. Even though it can bring up some disturbing ideals, like necromancy, it isn’t anything gamers haven’t dealt with. So, it isn’t too bad or disturbing. If anything, it is inspiring, as the character does have morals they keep. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy, video games and Dungeons and Dragons. I believe this will be a top series for me this year. You should check it out!


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