Solo Leveling Vol 3 by Chugong


Clearing dungeons should be impossible for an E-rank hunter, however Jinwoo Sung can clear them now by himself. With this current ability change, it is time to get evaluated, making Jinwoo Sung officially an S-rank Hunter. With the new rank, Jinwoo has more than leveling up on his plate. People have been trying to contact him about joining their guilds, while the association is keeping his abilities under wraps so that no one else can know the information in hopes of recruiting him. Jinwoo has other plans though. With his mother still in the hospital and the Elixir of Life still needing ingredients to be created, Jinwoo wants to gather the supplies he needs to take on the Demon’s Castle once more.  


Solo Leveling Vol 3 by Chugong had a lot more to digest than I thought it would. Not because there was a ton of action or lots of puzzles to figure out, but because Jinwoo had a lot more on his plate. He continues to grow and at some points, his power makes him seem crazy. He even scares a character because of a look in his eyes. I had tried personally for hours to imagine the look. As I haven’t the manga to refer to for such things.  

(Speaking of manga, I only own the first four, which does a good job of covering books one and two but must wait for the others to see what it would all look like. I’m dying to see the Demon’s Castle in its entirety.) 

In this addition to the series, I feel frustrated. In the previous volumes, we saw snippets of other characters who have business with Jinwoo but are elsewhere in the world. They did not mention these characters and there was no sign of them. Though at the end it does make mention of what could be one of them. As much as that is speculation, I really hope that means in the next addition, we will see how those previous characters play out upon meeting Jinwoo.  

Moreover, you can’t help but wonder what Jinwoo’s plans are. He is doing all this leveling up, there was mentions of him starting his own guild and he is trying to take care of his family. You can’t help but wonder what our protagonist is up to. It obvious he wants to be stronger, more powerful, but what does he plan on using all this for. It can’t be just for money, can it? I get raising a family is not cheap, especially with medical bills, but if his only goal is money, then why not join a guild or strike squad? He would be able to do so much more in the terms of getting it. I guess we will have to wait to find out.  

If you can’t tell, I am absolutely loving this series. Still, I would rate this four out of five stars. The book cover is beautiful with a different symbol on it, which I adore. However, I just have too many questions and I am starting to wish there was more details about each character’s appearance. There are a few characters we have met but get little to know description on. It is addicting and had me read it nonstop until finished, but that only added to the frustration on not getting answers. In fact, I think this particular addition gave me more questions. I have started keeping a journal with the questions so I can see if we ever get the answers.  I hope you check it out and if you do, let’s compare notes. We might be able to figure things out on our own. In the meantime, happy reading. 


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