A Court of Thorns and Roses


Feyre is just a human girl who hunts to keep her family a float, when one night she kills a wolf, not knowing how it would turn her life upside down. Now held in act of a treaty she knows nothing about, Feyre must figure a way home before she falls in love. With aomething dark and sinister waiting to destroy the human world, Feyre has to find how to fight it will be relying on what she learned from her faerie friends.

How could one dead wolf bring all this to light in just a few months and how will Feyre save the human world if she can’t fight that which she truly loves?


A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas was a very interesting book. With the heroine, Feyre having so many shortcomings, it makes her an underdog in a way. I can’t say she is my favorite character, but I can say she is definitely the one that seemed to grow the most. She is also the character one might be able to relate to the easiest. She has her insecurities, and she is stubborn, but it makes her a great character to follow. Throughout the book you can see her find her passions and finally be herself the longer she is with Tamlin. She fights hard and as it would seem, even if she is illiterate, she can be extremely adaptable to whatever is thrown her way. There were many situations where we had to watch her be quick on her feet and come up with her own way of getting through things.

I feel, after reading this book, that I am a little confused on why it’s a series, though there was a loose end at the end of the book. While reading it, I found myself wondering why certain things weren’t mentioned again. Though they were at the end, but I felt it was made to be just a cursory glance when it popped up even if it left a feeling of unimportance to Feyre upon first reading it. Do not get me wrong I felt a whole wide range of emotions while reading this book but at the end I still feel it ended nicely.

The other thing I found rather difficult to swallow was the lack of information on certain characters. We learn a lot about Feyre and the sinister thing brewing, but I wish to know more about some of the side characters, such as Rhys and the other courts. Granted we get a bit of information about them, and we see a bit of Rhys but I don’t understand him as much as I would like. He is going to be my obsession for this book series. He is dark and mysterious, and he knows how to play games to get what he wants. Rhys has a lot going for him but I can’t help but wonder about him. Maybe the next book will give me more.

This fantasy world was intriguing to learn about though. With it being decided amongst the humans and the faeries, I loved learning the differences. One thing I am curious about is if the Court of Spring is always springtime does that mean the court of night is always nighttime? Same with the other courts. It is an interesting prospect to think about. The human parts of the world seem to go through the reasons as normal, but the faerie realm does not? It had me wondering why and if it is slowly base on their magic. A thought I will ponder for the next few hours.

With all, I would rate this wonderful fantasy/romance book three out of five stars. A Court of Thorns and Roses was definitely an amazing read, minus my complaints, the book is well written. I felt more emotions than I thought. I couldn’t believe I was terrified to read this book. It was great and entertaining. It can be a bit gory at times, with all the blood and death, but it was still something I highly recommend. The only reason it didn’t get five stars is because at the end I was left wondering where the series would go. With it being five books, I couldn’t figure out what would take it so long to wrap up and finish. I felt it ended fine minus one loose thread.  Otherwise, I enjoyed this book thoroughly.


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