A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas


With the threat now gone, Feyre and Tamlin look forward to the joining of beings with matrimony. However, with Feyre still broken and haunted and with her bargain with Rhysand, she finds she no longer wants the marriage, since she needs to heal and figure out her new powers. Especially since now that she is keeping her end of the bargain by hanging around Rhysand, that she learns war is coming. Without knowing what her real powers are, she is set on learning them and who she is so that she can protect her people. After all without her being healed and knowing her powers, what will become of Feyre?


Let me start this off with, I didn’t care so much for A Court of Thorns and Roses. I wasn’t into Tamlin and didn’t really feel like it ended in a way to have a series. I actually worried about reading A Court of Mist and Fury because of that. However, I absolutely loved it. There were twists that had me screaming “Yes” at times. I teared up quite a bit and kept calling Feyre an idiot at other times. I was able to fully sink my teeth into this book.

I’m very pleased to say Rhysand is a major player in this book. He does continue to have the prick like personality that I can’t help but love. He pushed Feyre, which I was glad to see. Not because I love that kind of dynamitic but because it helped Feyre grow. She was returned to life as a fae, meaning there was bound to be left over residual abilities from the High Lords who granted her life after her death in the last book. Rhys was dead set on training her. Which differs from how Tamlin feels. These differences between the two characters is great.

Throughout the story, I have so far decided I absolutely hate Tamlin. He is overly protective. To the point of locking Feyre up. Its not wonder that wedding has her doubting herself. It does have you questioning why did she let it go so far when he was keeping her out of the loop and behind closed doors, especially when she is obviously hurting. I found it to be nauseating. However, as the story progresses, that pairing seems to change.

I loved learning more about Rhys and why he does what he does. After finishing the six hundred page book, I was glad I liked him from the beginning. He is very cunning and logical, always trying to do what he needs to protect that in which he loves. Messing with Feyre was just a little fun, even though it did help her not only survive the first book, but also taught her that she didn’t need to rely on anyone to do things. After all, she has powers now too.

Though it was long, it had its romance, which seemed to develop slowly and made me sit on edge. With characters being sneaky and the upcoming war, causing everyone to be on edge, it was very easy to become obsessed with the story. I am very happy I decided to continue the series.

I would rate A Court of Mist and Fury five out of five stars. It was delightful and thrilling. There was plenty of actions, romance and new places to learn to love. It was beautifully written and left on a cliff hanger, making you want more. After all, the war has yet to begin. I also want to see how Feyre grows and become her own warrior and protector. So even though the first book, I had my doubts, the series is still promising. If you decide to check out this series, keep in mind you do need to read the first one to get the full understanding of everything. This second book only expands on it and adds more depth to the characters.


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