A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas


Feyre and the rest of the Court of Dreamers are preparing for war. With Hybern making its own moves, they don’t have a choice but to try to form alliance where they can. With spies having eyes everywhere and on everyone, there is no telling who is hiding the truth and who is going to stab them in the back. All that matters is surviving and saving as many people from disaster as possible.  Feyre must learn how to master herself and lead now that more is on the line than before. With the mystery on how to stop the cauldron and protect her friends and family, Feyre may have too much on her plate for once.


Wow, just wow! I thought the last book, A Court of Mist and Fury was action packed.  A Court or Wings and Ruin though! It had suspense, tears, action, betrayal and so much more. Each page was better than the last. I was hooked throughout the entire thing. This addition to the series is quite big at just under seven hundred pages, but it was worth every minute of the time it took to read it. I can say Sarah J Mass out did herself on this one!

I felt the first couple chapters where dry, but I felt it was necessary to the story. As the characters continue to grow and adjust plans, it’s clear that they are smart enough to know what they are doing but not eager enough to make mistakes. Though I felt a lot of mistakes were made by the characters throughout the narrative. There was so much betrayal and distrust between the High Lords and other characters that I couldn’t help but wonder how they would ever accomplish anything. It made me want to shake some of them and be like “What are you going to do to protect what’s yours?” Many of times I wanted to smack characters just to make sure they understood they were being complete pains.

I suppose they needed to be pains to keep the story entertaining, but it was frustrating. I also found the little secrets in A Court if Wings and Ruin to be delightful. I was surprised a few times as information came out. It was so bad at times I wanted to be able to read faster just to see what surprise I was going to get next. Especially with the high focus on the war. Spoiler alert: The war didn’t last as long as one might think. If I am honest, I wish there has been a bit more battling. However, I did enjoy the lies being revealed and the making up between characters. It makes them feel more real because of their conflicts with each other.

A Court of Wings and Ruin was beautifully written, and the plot moved smoothly. I really sank my teeth into this story, even though I had struggled in the first book. I will say the way it ended though, doesn’t leave me wanting more. It was so beautiful with how it was finished, that I am nervous for the next book. I dislike that about the endings in this series. Especially with this one. I am not sure what more could be done, but I guess I will find out.

A Court of Wings and Ruin is receiving four out of five stars as a rating, it was delightful and suspenseful. It does hit a lot of different emotions and draws the reader in quickly. The story also has the cute romance in there was well. I can’t recommend one reading it without at least reading the others. The information seems to rely on the reader having known the entire story between characters and what not. However, A Court of Wings and Ruin and well as A Court of Mist and Fury, made reading the first one worth it to me.


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