Solo Leveling Vol 5 by Chugong


The time has come to visit the double dungeon again, and with hopes of getting answers about the system, Jinwoo raid crashes to protect a smaller guild to get such answers. However, this time things are different. It appears no other hunters are allowed in, and the Angel statue has a tear for Jinwoo with the promise of answers for the completion of said test. While he is undergoing this test to get answers, an S Rank dungeon breaks in Japan. Although Jinwoo is worried, he has to survive the tests before figuring out what to do.


Once again, I am blown away but Chugong and his writing style. In Solo Leveling Vol 5, we not only continue to watch Jinwoo grow more powerful, but we also get some information to leave us wanting more. Released on August 19, 2022, this light novel is the shortest one yet. However, the saying “Big things come in small packages,” holds true for this newest addition to the story. It was jam packed in action and information. The best parts being the action and new information. Watching Jinwoo, or in this case reading about it, defeat that which almost killed him in the first book was a bittersweet scene.

He faced his enemies with confidence and well thought out strategy that he adapted to while battling. He was terrified but collected first time around, but this time, you could see the determination. It becomes awfully clear that he plans on protecting hunters and humans alike by taking on these trials to better himself. It makes him even more loveable. Most people would be in it for fame and fortune, but Jinwoo seems to be in it for not just leveling up, but to protect those who can’t protect themselves. I believe this is such a heartwarming trait that it is hard not to love him.

The ending was not shocking but left me completely dying for the next book. It looks like he will go to Japan, but we won’t know for sure until the next book releases sometime in November. Which you know I will seek out immediately. After all I bought this one the day of after a small hunt. I am absolutely in love with this series and cannot wait. These light novels, along with the beautiful manga, makes it hard to wait for the anime that should come out next year.

With everything being said, with maybe a tad bit of a spoiler, I have to rate Solo Leveling Vol 5 four out of five stars. I’m absolutely addicted to this series and can’t wait for it all to wrap up. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is, the beginning has given me too high of hopes of getting more information and answers, but I feel as if we got next to no answers with a lot more questions. That annoys me slightly, since the next novel won’t be out until November. That’s a long wait and I feel, that while it will be worth it, that I will literally go insane waiting. It just that good!


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