Fog: The Factions of red River By Shelby Manuel

The world fell apart and gangs fought for power to run different cities. In Red River, there are four factions, living in a barely stable truce. Ally, a nurse who works in the neutral territory, but lives in Fog, finds herself running into one of the most dangerous men to reside in Fog. After having created walls to keep herself safe and at a distance from other people, Ally must learn that her current way of living isn’t really living. The only question being, will Jax the Ax and the second leader under his brother Theo of the Fog Faction, force his way into her heart and break those walls down?

Jaxon, also known as Jax the Ax, has been running errands and is the man you don’t want to mess with in Fog. He is the type to kill and ask questions. Until one errand has him meet a beautiful woman with more fire than he has ever met. She challenges him and drives him crazy. Growing up, he was taught about soulmates and Jax thinks this fiery vixen is his. The only problem? This vixen is dead set on not letting him get too close. He knows he needs to show her she is loved and cherished, but he isn’t sure how to do it or the past that keeps her from trusting him.


Before I begin this review, I wanted to say I got this as a free copy for a review from the author herself. I really am glad I was able to get this as an ARC in prelude to the second book Wasteland.

Fog: The Factions of Red River by Shelby Manuel is a post-apocalyptic romance. The story takes place in the city of Red River, where it has been divided amongst four factions. The faction that the story takes place is Fog, ran by the McHales. When starting the book, I read the prologue, which gives back story and I feel it did an amazing job. I was intrigued by the end of it, but as I went through the book, I was in love with the story. It was beautifully written and kept some twists in there to throw me off my game. Though, I can proudly say I kind of knew the ending halfway through. But don’t we all figure things out before the author wants us too?

The characters were diverse enough to keep things interesting, but they all were tough in their own ways. It shows they must deal with a lot in this new world. The post-apocalyptic world is a dog-eat-dog world, and not in the way our world is now. However, I can say that this book is how I see our world becoming. It brings up a lot of thoughts and things that we already face today. Like the drug use and the crime rates. I have to say, I think I enjoyed that part the most. Not because I’m all for crimes and drugs, but because it is easier to relate to everything in the book. It has that way to draw you in and make you listen.

The will they won’t they thing the book has going on also helped keep things entertaining. Though the book involves a lot of adult content, it doesn’t really take away from the story. I will say, however, that sometimes it felt a little too much and I wanted to get to the action. What can I say, I like direct paths. It did add to the story in the sense that it made the characters closer, while also showing each person’s side of things. The character perspective changes were a nice touch in this book. It showed how the characters felt, what was going on in the city and what a possible outcome of the story would be.

Due to all these wonderful things, I have to give Fog: The Factions of Red River, its credit. I wasn’t sure how I would rate this book. I found some spelling errors in the beginning, but it was only a handful of mistakes. Mistakes I even make when writing my reviews. I don’t know if it was overlooked or what have you, but they were tiny errors and could easily blend in with the story. Due to these errors, I can’t justify any other rating by four out of five stars. I loved the story plot and enjoyed the realism in there, but the errors and predictability can be a bit of a negative thing. I do still recommend reading it, though. Fog: The Factions of Red River is truly a good book.  


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