End of Month Recap

Its that time again. I know we are posting this late but work and life had gotten in the way. Not to mention I was finishing another book in what little free time I had. My daughter is starting preschool in a week, so it has been busy with running around to prepare for it.  So, let’s dive in.

In August I read a total of sixteen books. That includes the two ARCs that I obtained from the author Shelby Manuel. Thank you again Shelby for allowing me to read your books and review them. Out of all the books I read, I adored The Cat and Mouse duet by H.D. Carlton. Those reviews have yet to make it to my blog, but that is due to now being able to post every day. With my current schedule, as you may have already figured out, I am posting every other day. This is for two reasons. One, I need time to read. I have a full-time job as tech support and am a full-time parent. So, I don’t always have tons of time to read. I usually try to read an hour a day, after work when my child is in bed. The second reason being, I also like to see if any of you have suggestions, whether it’s a favorite book that you think I would like or a book you want to see reviewed. I know we are still growing, but please feel free to leave comments or email me if you have any recommendations. After all, I am trying to help others find their next obsession.

I would like to state, this last month, I rented a lot of books from Kindle Unlimited to read on my iPad. I enjoyed quite a bit of them. It was a good month. Especially since two books I looked forward to being released. I have high hopes for September.

Speaking of September, my goal will be to read at least fifteen books with some spooky ones in there. However, since my TBR is a million books deep, I will expand my spooky books to include anything with triggers or monsters in it and focus on actual horror stories in October. I know one of which will be a reread just because its that time of the year where my daughter and I watch Nightmare Before Christmas and then I will end up rereading Long Live the Pumpkin Queen. Which has already been reviewed and you should check it out if you love The Nightmare before Christmas story. I don’t have any books that I wish to pick up right now, so no upcoming release dates. Well, besides Wasteland: The Factions of Red River, which will be released October 1st. So, if those reviews enticed you, you know when both books will be out as Fog was released back in May.

Well, with all that information given, I believe we should wrap up our monthly recap and next months goals. If you have any recommendations, please drop me a comment. I am always looking for that next obsession. I know my current one is still awaiting a third book and I am hoping to review the first two for you guys soon. For now, happy reading.


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