A Soul to Keep by Opal Reyne


Reia is going to be sacrificed because her village believes her to be a harbinger of bad omens. She lived her life in loneliness and just wants to travel the world to see what is out there. However, she is to be the sacrifice to keep her village safe. When he arrives for her, Reia holds firm and leaves with him. He discusses what his goal is. He wants a human to give him their soul. Reia wants freedom and she knows if she can just leave his home and make is safely through the veil, she could be free to move around and see the world. However, she slowly begins to fall for the Dusk Walker.  


A Soul to Keep by Opal Reyne is like a Beauty and the Beast retelling. It is dark but has the same kind of qualities that made me love Beauty and the Beast. It has a girl, who is beautiful inside and out and a monster who wishes for a female’s affections. Though the story is still different and even mentions Beauty and the Beast, it still holds that same quality but with a twist. In this story, Reia is our beauty, but she is not liked by anyone in her village. Due to an event that happened leaving her the only one to survive, Reia is labeled the harbinger of bad omens. With demons eating humans, she is often blamed for the unfortunate events that happen when demons get hungry. This ultimately is why she has some fire in her. Having been trapped in her village, she begins to dream of exploring the world until she is be offered as a bride to a Dusk Walker. This information allows us to see why she is so rebellious and has determination unlike anyone else. 

Throughout the story, the thought of escaping the Dusk Walker who is holding her captive, we find Reia often battling herself to escape. Even though she knows it would be a bad idea, she still wants to travel the world The fact this ideal does not change, it is clear the Dusk Walker will do anything for her, and this helps change the how it will happen.  The story is cute because in this dark retelling, the beast, or Dusk Walker, needs Reia to give him her soul. As the story goes on, it makes it impossible to understand what that really means. However, it does play on both their minds as he wants her to be with him forever and she is not sure if living forever sounds all that good. After all, to live forever sounds kind of boring to me too. What can you do to keep yourself sane and busy, eventually, you will run out of things to do. But to each their own. 

With each arc in the story, it brings the two together, which brings us some spicy scenes. These scenes are very different from our normal adult content that we all love so much. After all, one of them is not even human. It is interesting how the author created our male’s genital section. It is kind of weird at first, but it makes sense that a nonhuman would not have the same genitals. The whole idea on Dusk Walkers was utterly amazing. The more information we learn, the more we want to know more. In this case I was dying for the next tidbit of information to be given. Though I will say I was a little disappointed in the world building, but I understand why it was done the way it was. When demons can’t stand the sunlight, it makes sense completely.  

Even with the small disappointment I felt about the world, I still loved the book. It was interesting and very entertaining. So, with that being said, I will rate A Soul to Keep five out of five stars. It had its spice and it only seemed to add to the story, even if it was a little weird at first. I cannot say I would recommend this to anyone, as I do feel it is for mature audiences only. It is still highly recommended, and I am hoping to see more from this author. Happy Reading! 


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