The Never King by Nikki St. Crowe


The magic of never land is tied to Peter Pan’s shadow, but it’s been missing for a long time. It’s location? Darlings’ inherited memories. The only problem being, to abstract the memories, a Darling has to go mad. With this new Darling, Pan is running out of time. Therefore he and his boys have to hope this one is differed.


The Never King is a delicious take on Peter Pan. Nikki St Crowe writing style is beautiful.  Each description was beautifully done. Made you want to be in the book to experience everything yourself. The other thing I loved was how the man character, Winnie, stayed focus on the fact she will go mad. I really enjoyed how she dealt with it her whole life. With everything her mother put her through, one would’ve thought Winnie would have run away or hated her mom. I know I would’ve, but seeing Winnie concerned with her mother’s well being even though she shouldn’t have been at such a young age, let’s you know that she had to sacrifice a childhood in order to help her mother out.

It touches me in a heartwarming way because I can relate in a way. The fear of going mad is always there. It is one trauma away. With Winnie not wanting to be like her mother, she puts up a fight in her own way. The girl is full of a fire that one can only get when out through what she had to endure growing up. The story is a bit dirty at parts with the adult content. There isn’t a whole lot of adult content just two scenes, however with the book being under 200 pages, two scenes can take up a good portion of the novel. Even with it there is doesn’t take away from the story. If anything, it adds to it.

As I do not wish to give away too much and with it being so short, I will have to go ahead and rate The Never King by Nikki St Crowe.  The rating I would give it is four out of five stars. It was an excellent read but left me wanting more. I would recommend it to all my smutt lovers. It’s a dark romance with reverse harem quality to it. However, it is very short and will leaving you wanting more. More information, more events and more adult content.


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