The Dark One by Nikki St Crowe


Peter Pan’s shadow is loose on Neverland, taking up residence in Hook’s territory. While he plans to get it back, Winnie plans to claim Vane. After all she wants to claim all four of her lost boys. With shadows on the loose and problems piling up, one thing is clear, Pan will get his shadow back and do everything in his power to keep their Darling safe.


The Dark One by Nikki St Crowe is the second in the series. It continues the story where The Never King left off. It has all our favorite staring in their own chapters. All but Tilly, Tinkerbell’s daughter and current fae queen. We even get to see things from hooks perspective. I have to say the Crocodile is my favorite. Though we don’t meet him in this book, we do get some back story of who he is. I loved the crocodile in the movie as a kid. But to see this rendition is amazing. I hope we get to meet him in the next novel.

I also adored how the shadows ran from Pan, adding another problem to his list. After all, Neverland is tied closely with Pan and his shadow. The shadow seems to be playful, which is how we are used to seeing Peter Pan. This Peter Pan seems vicious and I can’t wait to see what he is like with his shadow as this novel is about the journey of obtaining his shadow again after having found it. Throughout this addition to the series, we have more adult content than the last and it adds to the story. It helps characters get closer and shows the growing love between them. However, I feel it does have some triggers, which the author does mention in the beginning of the book and was kind enough to give us a link to said triggers. Though it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

All in all, The Dark One was pretty good. It had some intense moments, and it is full of adult content but also rivalry and action. Though I will say the action wasn’t a whole lot. Even though it is short, it was still a delightful read, making it four out of five stars. It doesn’t get five stars because I would have loved a little more action and a lot less planning, but it was still good enough for four stars. I do recommend reading The Never King first as it fills in some gapes that otherwise wouldn’t have driven me crazy. The series is extremely delightful and one I will recommend.


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