Hunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton


As if having a dangerous stalker wasn’t enough, now Adeline has to deal with an even more dangerous situation. Having been kidnapped, Adeline is forced into the very thing her stalker fights against: A human trafficking ring. With no way to escape. Adeline prays someone will find her before she is sold to the highest bidder or is broken.

After realizing his girl is gone, Zade is unable to keep himself from losing it. The one thing that he loves and keeps him from losing it completely is missing without a trace and nothing will keep him from finding her. His only problem is those who might have information are out of reach and he has no clue where to find his little mouse.


Hunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton is the second book of the Cat and Mouse duet. Like in the first book, there are triggers you should be mindful of. Rape and abuse plays a heavy part in the story. If you can’t stomach this kind of stuff, please do not pick it up. I have a trigger against rape and it was rough to go through for me. However, even though there were parts that were tough to read for me, I enjoyed the book because of the realistic aftermath of what had happened to our main character. She struggled after everything she went through. And the fact she questioned herself and even had to fight herself to get back to her life showed the author really thought how the actions put against Adeline and how it would affect the character and how they interacted with others, especially how she would interact with men.

That wasn’t the only amazing thing that was in this book. The characters facing their own conflicts and growing was also amazing. Though it was mainly Adeline changing, you also get to see Zade deal with situations in his own way. Adeline is going through a rough time and seeing Zade crumble around her trying to replace the memories she has after dealing with such an ordeal, was pleasant. Many of times I thought he would. Leave her. However, their love is deeper than I originally thought. It was definitely a dark romance as to how they deal with each other. I believe Adeline becoming stronger and even learning how to fight to take out her own enemies was also an amazing fear. It took awhile, but her determination to stop those things from happening even more did wise her morals a bit, but gives her a new up purpose to help her find a way to move on. Even though it broke my heart to see her innocence die, it was still nice to see her become a stronger person after struggling with everything.

Due to the realistic situations, I can’t help but rate Hunting Adeline five out of five stars. It brings up dark topics and even describes how people view them. With how the book is written I can almost believe this was something that was heavily researched and makes me think could the circumstances be true? Even if it is fiction, I find myself wanting to find out if it is. The book was beautifully written and can pull on your emotions while reading it. You must read Haunting Adeline to get some information, but I think this book would be a good. Stand-alone too. Due to it being diet though, I will stand by my statement that you must read the first. Both books were amazing.


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