Hush by James Patterson

Having been put in jail after taking things into her own hands after her brother’s murder, Detective Blue is hesitant to take a job for Woods. His daughter and granddaughter are missing. However, after a murder happens in her prison, Detective Blue takes the job so she can work a murder case outside the prison. With so many crimes going on and too many people hiding information Blue and her team work hard to find the missing girls while Blue tries to figure out what happened and why in the prison. With time running out on them, will they find their missing people or will they find their bodies? Will the prison murder go unsolved?




Hush by James Patterson and Candace Fox is technically the fourth book in the Harriet Blue series. It is filled with a bunch of mystery and twists throughout the book. I loved it. It not only kept me on my toes, but it made me really think about what was going on. The characters weee well developed. Even though I had not read the first three, I can say it didn’t impact the story too much. As it gave the necessary information to allow the reader to understand the back story behind the characters. I will say it also wrapped up nicely.


I really enjoyed the book and didn’t want to put it down. I was so wrapped up in the mystery of who did what and what the motives were that I had to take notes and try to solve myself. Every time I thought I had an idea it would blow up because of new facts or information appearing. It had some moments that make me giggle and helped release the tension building at times. It was a truly amazing mystery.


I was a little saddened at the end. Not because it was over but because I felt I was missing some clues. I had to reread a few things to put it all together. Just minor details that I missed in the heat of the moment. Though it did show me I couldn’t do that kind of work. I enjoyed how Blue often went with her gut feeling because we all know to trust our guts. In this case it only proved to be a major thing that we needed to make sure we do because it could save someone or even help solve a mystery. Harriet is a good example of what determination can do sometimes.


Overall, Hush is one of the best mystery books I ever read and I love murder mysteries. It was definitely my gateway into. James Patterson. The writing was beautiful and story full of surprises and information to make it a well rounded tale. I would have to rate this book five out of five stars. It was a good book and could easily be a standalone. I didn’t feel the need to go out and purchase the first three and it felt complete. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try out James Patterson’s work for the first time.


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