Hooked by Emily Mcintire

 A small child’s life is changed after a tragic incident, causing his laughter and smile to die and his heart to darken. In his life of darkness, he seeks out his vengeance, in hopes to heal the pains he darkness he suffers now. However, he finds the light in the darkness to cause a change in his dark heart in the form of a darling.

Review :

Hooked is a dark retelling of Peter Pan, but from Hook’s point of view.  There are some very spicy scenes, or adult scenes. It does touch on how even villains have feelings and aren’t always just born to be bad. There are plenty of ideas in this novel that not only keep it interesting, but it also gives you a lot to think about.

Let me start with the characters. They could not be more opposite of each other. While Wendy is more innocent and sweeter, James is every bit of a bad boy you can be. While she can seem childlike, he is dangerous. This creates an interesting pairing as even though they both are in it for different reasons, it is not a pairing you see in real life all that often, though it is super amazing in the fictional works. I absolutely loved James and Wendy together. They had quite the interest dynamic not to mention their conversations were entertaining.

I enjoyed thoroughly learning about James’ past and seeing him plan and plot against those who would do harm to his and him. At first, I wanted to hate that he became a criminal, but he showed how cunning and witty he had grown to be to survive in the world he chose to become apart of at a young age. Even though he was a villain, it became easy to understand and sympathize with him and not hate him.  It really put into perspective how not everything is as it seems on the surface. James is a very dark character.

Although the story had a lot of dark content, it had its moments of enlightening moments. Moments that make you think about what was written/said and how it relates to life. At one point Wendy said everything was about perspective and perceptions. It really isn’t wrong. What I deem to be bad or obnoxious, another person may find heavenly or pleasant. It was really something to see such a character like Wendy say such a profound thing. She is so innocent and doesn’t seem to be so deep, but it shows, even she had some depth to her.

Overall, Hooked by Emily Mcintire was an amazing read. It was beautifully written to keep you intrigued and turning those pages, while laying some truths on you that you didn’t even really think about. It is wrapped up nicely with some smutty scenes that give you all the spice you need or didn’t know you needed. It will keep you wanting more to figure out all the mysteries and the romance.

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