Scarred by Emily Mcintire

Summary :

Always being second best and tortured by his older brother, Tristian grows up hating Michael and yearning for what he has. After his father’s death, he has plans to take the crown, but is biding his time while he plots and plans his take over. That is if Michael’s future bride doesn’t wreck his plans. After all, she is hiding something herself and it is killing Tristian not knowing what it is she is hiding.



Scarred by Emily Mcintire is a dark contemporary novel with a lot of mystery and betrayal sprinkled in. Its version of the Lion King and from the perspective of Scar. However, there is a twist, the love interest. It makes for a rather compelling story. After all, what is more interesting than having a rival in your plans, planning the same thing, while also falling for you? The story had an enemy to lovers vibe between the two main characters. At first, they hated each other, for good reasons too. As the story goes on, you learn more and realize both have secrets that keep them going and being kept from them.

I really enjoyed playing detective while reading this novel. Trying to piece together everything was fun. Tristian’s parts were made pretty clear throughout the novel, but Sara’s secrets seemed to be constantly being changed when she would gather more information. She just wants revenge for her father’s death, but her uncle is keeping the information close to his chest in his plotting and planning. It seems betrayal and loyalty played a big part in this novel.

It seemed if people weren’t showing their loyalty or betraying someone, we were not in the know about the characters. There were cute, innocent moments with a child, but even in those moments, you could see the child was loyal to those who were loyal and trustworthy of their loyalty. Loyalty seemed to be earned through trust and fear in this novel. As the novel played out, it became a guessing game of who was on what side and who was going to betray who next. It was exciting to read.

Due to all of this, I found the book to be hard to put down. I binge read it every chance I got. Between work and family, I didn’t have a lot of time, but it was on my mind whenever I wasn’t able to have time to sit down and read. It is not very long with a total of 372 pages. So its easily read in one good sitting, depending on how quickly you devour books. I will say the adult scenes were extremely intense at times, but they were few and far between. It was mostly the tension leading up to the climax that made it worth it.

As I sit here and write this review, I found Scarred by Emily Mcintire was hard to rate. I believe the rating of four point five stares out of five is totally worth it. I would read this book again and so far, is my favorite out of the Never After series. With the spice and betrayal, the novel will keep you hooked until the every last page. I, not only high recommend this book, but I recommend this series as well. I have been enjoying Mcintire’s writing style and the way these stories are told from the villains’ perspective, while giving them their own happily ever after. It worth the read!

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