Devotion by Brittany Fuller

Summary :

Eva and Noah are just beginning the fight for true love. Eva has questions and needs to make Noah understand she is in it for the long haul. Noah’s past keeps rearing its ugly head, threatening to destroy the happiness he longs for. With Noah’s past and Eva’s stubbornness, the two couldn’t be kept down for long,

Review :

Devotion follows Indecision where it left off. I can’t say I am disappointed. After all, how can you not be dying to know if the two love birds work out their issues. The first chapters, however, leave you wanting to smack Noah across the face in hopes we can knock some sense into him. Out of all the drama, I had hoped they would work it out in the hospital. That just didn’t happen, which is a little disappointing, but then again, we did get a taste of Noah’s self-sabotaging in the first novel. It makes Noah a bit likeable. He is so real and shows that it doesn’t matter your gender, we all have issues that keeps us from reaching out and grabbing our happiness in belief that letting it go, would be better for the other person.

I think that is what annoys me the most though. Noah is so relatable, and having made similar mistakes, brings to light of how idiotic I was. Noah is cute though in the sense, he really believes this is what will make Eva happy and give her a chance at her dreams. However, it also proves how blind he is when it comes to his choices in trying to communicate. Instead of talking it out, he just makes dumb moves and is part of the problem. He isn’t the only one though. Eva makes some dumb moves herself and proves, in a relationship we need to have communication. They both make that point clear, as Noah’s past threatens to tear them apart on top of all the miscommunication that makes Noah move back home.

I love this story because it highlights how love is in the real world. It isn’t all fun and games and bam you are in love and married with forever. It shows in a relationship sacrifices one wouldn’t normally think about, is sometimes needed to make a relationship work. It proves keeps your past a secret isn’t always wise and how in order to make a relationship really work you need to communicate. After all, without communication how can we really help each other out. Devotion is definitely down to Earth and easy to get wrapped in.

I can’t honestly say you can read this as a standalone and recommend reading both Indecision and Devotion. They not only work on the same characters, but they complement each other so nicely. Indecision is needed to fully understand the story line in Devotion. It does make references to things that had happened in Indecision, while wrapping the story with a nice bow. Oh and you can’t’ forget the spicy scenes. Just to inform you, though there are a few adult scenes, it does nothing to take away from the story. Though, it might make you blush if reading in a public setting.

Due to the adult scenes, I do have to recommend this book to those who are of the age. I would say at least eighteen, but I know when I was sixteen, I was reading some spicy scenes. Devotion is just too good to skip the read. I do rate this novel five stars out of five stars. It is just to beautifully written and allows you to appreciate that love and relationships are sometimes hard work, while also reminding you it can be very rewarding. You should check out both books and let me know what you think.


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