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  • RWBY: After the Fall by E. C. Meyers

    RWBY: After the Fall by E.C. Meyers is a novel based one an anime that was created by Roost Teeth. After the Fall takes place after the attack and fall of Beacon Academy. Before we really get into this review, I suppose I should go into a little back story for those who know nothing of the anime, but still are interested in reading the book, which is possible as it does touch base on previous events to explain the characters a bit.

    In the world of RWBY, there are people who have special abilities called semblances. These semblances differ for each person and most people who have a semblance become a Huntsman or Huntress to help fight creatures called Grimm. Grimm are creatures that feed off negative emotions. They are actually attracted by the negative emotions and end up attacking areas with high negative emotions. Which has caused schools, like Beacon Academy to pop up. From the anime, RWBY, we were able to learn while in the academy, Huntsmen and Huntresses were assigned to teams of four, were the first initials of their names made their team name, to train and learn their skills to fight the Grimm. There is a lot more in the anime, however, what I have here is the information you need to be able to read the book, and following books. If this sounds interesting you can always check out the anime yourself as it is just called RWBY, but I will warn you now this book and the anime follow different characters at different points.

    Where as the fore mentioned anime follows the team called RWBY and there close friends for a majority through the whole show of their beginning of their time at Beacon Academy, After the Fall follows Team CFVY (coffee) after the fall of Beacon Academy, as I had mention earlier. During the novel, there are flash backs from each team member of there times before Beacon Academy, while at Beacon Academy and with other students at Beacon Academy, that really help bring depth to each character. Team CFVY is made up of their leader Coco, Fox, Velvet, and Yatsuhashi, Each character has their own strength and weakness that they bring to the team, making them unlikely to be friends at first look, but they do have an unbreakable bond that took time to build.

    Since the fall of their beloved school, they had to relocate to the desert of Vacuo, to attend Shade Academy, where they get stuck travel through the dangerous desert to respond to a distress signal they received. Upon reaching the location no one knows who sent in but they find themselves in a tribe that had to constantly move due to constant attack of Grimm. With new rising “mood bombs” causing Grimm to be attracted every time they move, the tribe causes trouble every where they go, making them absorb more tribes as the go. Taking two travelers from Vale with them and their bodyguards, a Huntsman and Huntress with them, as travelers don’t want to separate.

    Team CFVY decides to stick with them to try and figure out what is causing the mood bombs and help the people and figure out who called in the distress signal. During the investigation they get hit with another “mood bomb” and even Team CVFY are affected by it. Which causes high tensions amongst the team members. The only question remains, what is causing it, can it be undone and will the team survive the Grimm and the desert?

    RWBY: After the Fall was s hurt novel and a rather quick read at only 295 pages. Normally I wouldn’t even waste my time with such a small book, but i loved the anime. As an otaku, I couldn’t help but pick it up and be excited. I found it randomly at a Books-A-Million bookstore at my local mall and just had to get it and the 2 books that followed. Not to mention, it is a pretty book. It was an easy book to read, though i wouldn’t have thought it to be hard. I would definitely recommend it to my fellow otakus or anime lovers, as I would recommend the show. I would also recommend it as a gift for parents to get their teenagers who are in love with anime, even if it is just a phase. I know it can be hard to get them to want to read anything outside of mange, but this might be a way to curb that and show them a normal book is just as good. SO Go ahead and pick it up and give it a read, or pass it on as a gift to that person you know who just absolutely loves all things anime. And as always, happy reading.

  • Hooked by Emily Mcintire

     A small child’s life is changed after a tragic incident, causing his laughter and smile to die and his heart to darken. In his life of darkness, he seeks out his vengeance, in hopes to heal the pains he darkness he suffers now. However, he finds the light in the darkness to cause a change in his dark heart in the form of a darling.

    Review :

    Hooked is a dark retelling of Peter Pan, but from Hook’s point of view.  There are some very spicy scenes, or adult scenes. It does touch on how even villains have feelings and aren’t always just born to be bad. There are plenty of ideas in this novel that not only keep it interesting, but it also gives you a lot to think about.

    Let me start with the characters. They could not be more opposite of each other. While Wendy is more innocent and sweeter, James is every bit of a bad boy you can be. While she can seem childlike, he is dangerous. This creates an interesting pairing as even though they both are in it for different reasons, it is not a pairing you see in real life all that often, though it is super amazing in the fictional works. I absolutely loved James and Wendy together. They had quite the interest dynamic not to mention their conversations were entertaining.

    I enjoyed thoroughly learning about James’ past and seeing him plan and plot against those who would do harm to his and him. At first, I wanted to hate that he became a criminal, but he showed how cunning and witty he had grown to be to survive in the world he chose to become apart of at a young age. Even though he was a villain, it became easy to understand and sympathize with him and not hate him.  It really put into perspective how not everything is as it seems on the surface. James is a very dark character.

    Although the story had a lot of dark content, it had its moments of enlightening moments. Moments that make you think about what was written/said and how it relates to life. At one point Wendy said everything was about perspective and perceptions. It really isn’t wrong. What I deem to be bad or obnoxious, another person may find heavenly or pleasant. It was really something to see such a character like Wendy say such a profound thing. She is so innocent and doesn’t seem to be so deep, but it shows, even she had some depth to her.

    Overall, Hooked by Emily Mcintire was an amazing read. It was beautifully written to keep you intrigued and turning those pages, while laying some truths on you that you didn’t even really think about. It is wrapped up nicely with some smutty scenes that give you all the spice you need or didn’t know you needed. It will keep you wanting more to figure out all the mysteries and the romance.

  • The Shining by Stephen King

    The Shining written by Stephen King, one of the best selling psychological stuff thrillers of its time, was a great read. I personally feel it’s way better than the movie but let us not get into that. The Shining has a little something for a wide range of readers. It has the paranormal, a good mystery, murder, and strong character development. It is definitely one you should read if you liked the movie or enjoy a good book that keeps you on your toes.

    I will say, as with all good books, I felt there were a few times near the beginning I wasn’t all that interested. It was a tad dry, as some would say. A lot of explaining, but it did come in handy when things picked up. I mean I really didn’t care about this piece of information or that when I first read it, but found I was glad for it at the end as it made sense as to what was going on. I will go ahead now and say spoiler alert, though it’s not too much of a spoiler as I will leave details out of specifics to keep it minimal.

    For example, we get a glimpse of Jacks childhood of when his dad beat his mother with a cane. Later, Jack has a mallet used to play roque, and is using it like a cane and a weapon. It really makes the ready feel like Jack was reliving that moment. However I did get ahead of myself there. To get back on track, let’s discuss the story plot and characters.

    The Shining is mostly set in a wonderful old hotel call The Overlook Hotel. As with most old hotels, it is full of histories and it’s ghosts. After all have you ever heard of a hotel without having a ghost story, whether the story was true or not? Though, the Overlook Hotel takes its ghost stories to a whole new level. Within the Overlook Hotel, you will get to know Jack, Wendy, and Danny very well, as they are our main characters. Jack who has been fired from his previous teaching job is looking to get rid of his writers block to finish his play and move on to better stories and maybe a fresh start, took the job as the Overlook’s caretaker during its off season. Wendy, Jack’s wife, is there to be supportive of her husband and keep him company while also helping care for their son Danny, who Jack plans to teach to read during this job. Danny, who is daddy’s little boy, is Jacks son with the gift of future premonitions or something similar and who has just days before has been having nightmares and needs some peace in his life.

    The family hopes this trip will not only help bring income into the household again but fix some issues that they have been experiencing at home. The biggest being Jack still not being over his drinking problem. I will admit, I was hoping by him taking this job it would help him get over his desire to drink, but it seems to worsen it.

    As we go through the story, we learn more about the history of the family, as well as the hotel. Which both can be intriguing and terrifying. Especially since both those aspects come into play as the characters grow. Wendy becomes a little stronger in my opinion as she gets to be more forceful about Danny’s well being. Danny becomes even more insightful but also begins to understand more about the hotel and the people around him in ways a child should never have the experience of doing. As for Jack, he just becomes insane. You can tell he is fighting whatever is going on in his head to a degree, and if I am to be honest, it is quite interesting. As there are times when you cannot tell whether or not it’s really him or something else we are watching as it’s fo fluid in how it’s written. Sometimes you get the feeling he is in the back seat watching it happen, while other times you can’t help but wonder if her is behind the wheel controlling the outcome of his actions.

    Overall, the book gave me plenty to think about, as I am sure it will do for many readers. It is not something I can see happening all the time but it is how I feel some serial killers could be. Though not in that exact way. You will understand if you read it.

    I, originally, picked this book up in preparations of seeing Doctor sleep as well as reading Doctor Sleep as the shining is one of my favorite movies. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I would definitely recommend the book if you haven’t read it. Even with the few dry moments in the beginning, you won’t regret it. Everything leaves you wanting more. It kept me turning pages and had I not had a job that kept me busy and a child who needs me I would have finished it in a single night instead of the 6 days it took. I could not put it down.

  • Hush by James Patterson

    Having been put in jail after taking things into her own hands after her brother’s murder, Detective Blue is hesitant to take a job for Woods. His daughter and granddaughter are missing. However, after a murder happens in her prison, Detective Blue takes the job so she can work a murder case outside the prison. With so many crimes going on and too many people hiding information Blue and her team work hard to find the missing girls while Blue tries to figure out what happened and why in the prison. With time running out on them, will they find their missing people or will they find their bodies? Will the prison murder go unsolved?




    Hush by James Patterson and Candace Fox is technically the fourth book in the Harriet Blue series. It is filled with a bunch of mystery and twists throughout the book. I loved it. It not only kept me on my toes, but it made me really think about what was going on. The characters weee well developed. Even though I had not read the first three, I can say it didn’t impact the story too much. As it gave the necessary information to allow the reader to understand the back story behind the characters. I will say it also wrapped up nicely.


    I really enjoyed the book and didn’t want to put it down. I was so wrapped up in the mystery of who did what and what the motives were that I had to take notes and try to solve myself. Every time I thought I had an idea it would blow up because of new facts or information appearing. It had some moments that make me giggle and helped release the tension building at times. It was a truly amazing mystery.


    I was a little saddened at the end. Not because it was over but because I felt I was missing some clues. I had to reread a few things to put it all together. Just minor details that I missed in the heat of the moment. Though it did show me I couldn’t do that kind of work. I enjoyed how Blue often went with her gut feeling because we all know to trust our guts. In this case it only proved to be a major thing that we needed to make sure we do because it could save someone or even help solve a mystery. Harriet is a good example of what determination can do sometimes.


    Overall, Hush is one of the best mystery books I ever read and I love murder mysteries. It was definitely my gateway into. James Patterson. The writing was beautiful and story full of surprises and information to make it a well rounded tale. I would have to rate this book five out of five stars. It was a good book and could easily be a standalone. I didn’t feel the need to go out and purchase the first three and it felt complete. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try out James Patterson’s work for the first time.

  • Hunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton


    As if having a dangerous stalker wasn’t enough, now Adeline has to deal with an even more dangerous situation. Having been kidnapped, Adeline is forced into the very thing her stalker fights against: A human trafficking ring. With no way to escape. Adeline prays someone will find her before she is sold to the highest bidder or is broken.

    After realizing his girl is gone, Zade is unable to keep himself from losing it. The one thing that he loves and keeps him from losing it completely is missing without a trace and nothing will keep him from finding her. His only problem is those who might have information are out of reach and he has no clue where to find his little mouse.


    Hunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton is the second book of the Cat and Mouse duet. Like in the first book, there are triggers you should be mindful of. Rape and abuse plays a heavy part in the story. If you can’t stomach this kind of stuff, please do not pick it up. I have a trigger against rape and it was rough to go through for me. However, even though there were parts that were tough to read for me, I enjoyed the book because of the realistic aftermath of what had happened to our main character. She struggled after everything she went through. And the fact she questioned herself and even had to fight herself to get back to her life showed the author really thought how the actions put against Adeline and how it would affect the character and how they interacted with others, especially how she would interact with men.

    That wasn’t the only amazing thing that was in this book. The characters facing their own conflicts and growing was also amazing. Though it was mainly Adeline changing, you also get to see Zade deal with situations in his own way. Adeline is going through a rough time and seeing Zade crumble around her trying to replace the memories she has after dealing with such an ordeal, was pleasant. Many of times I thought he would. Leave her. However, their love is deeper than I originally thought. It was definitely a dark romance as to how they deal with each other. I believe Adeline becoming stronger and even learning how to fight to take out her own enemies was also an amazing fear. It took awhile, but her determination to stop those things from happening even more did wise her morals a bit, but gives her a new up purpose to help her find a way to move on. Even though it broke my heart to see her innocence die, it was still nice to see her become a stronger person after struggling with everything.

    Due to the realistic situations, I can’t help but rate Hunting Adeline five out of five stars. It brings up dark topics and even describes how people view them. With how the book is written I can almost believe this was something that was heavily researched and makes me think could the circumstances be true? Even if it is fiction, I find myself wanting to find out if it is. The book was beautifully written and can pull on your emotions while reading it. You must read Haunting Adeline to get some information, but I think this book would be a good. Stand-alone too. Due to it being diet though, I will stand by my statement that you must read the first. Both books were amazing.

  • Haunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton


    Having a stalker is terrifying, but Adeline is a junkie for being scared. Having recently moved into her grandmother’s house that she inherited, Adeline, attracts a stalker. He is not your average stalker though. He can enter her house without being detected and slip past her security system. As if the stalked wasn’t the only thing on her plate, she finds her great-grandmother’s journals, which shows she had a stalker, one she fell in love with. It would seem history has a way of repeating itself, only since her great-grand mother was murdered, Adeline wants to prove the stalker did it, so that she too can convince herself that all stalkers are psychopaths.

    He has a new obsession. One that causes him to feel things he never knew he could. While he tracks down all these trafficking rings, he find it hard to keep his mind from wandering back to the girl who is his obsession. After all she will love him, if he has any say in the matter.


    Haunting Adeline by H.D. Carlton is a very dark romance. I want to start this review out with, there are some triggers to be warned out. It takes a very dark turn between the main characters and lines are blurred between consensual and not. Not to mention the murder. It is a little graphic and there is human trafficking in the plot. If these are things you can’t stomach, please do not read. Other than these triggers, this book was thrilling.

    I devoured this book in two short days. I was reading every chance I got. It had a creepy setting, which is the house that Adeline had gotten when her grandmother passed. It was creepy, but like the main character, I really enjoy being scared. However, I will say, having not really known what the book was about, I felt it was creepy, with the stalker and unsolved murder mystery. The book has a lot of aspects to keep you entertained. There were so many points in the book where I was unsure what the main line is. I still can’t say the main point of the book. There was so much going on, but it was seamless. It was easy to be drawn into this dark romance and not be let out. I can’t wait to read the second book. Haunting Adeline is a duet, so it should be just as good as the first book. Hoping we get more answers.

    I don’t think I could find one bad thing about the book. Adeline is a character you ca relate to. She is risky, in the sense she is the type of person we all yell at in horror movies to not do things. But it shows sometimes our curiosity gets the best of us. I know if I was in the same situation, I would do what she did. However, she also care deeply about putting others in risk. She wants to keep those around her safe, even if she is a little careless with her own life. I think that is one of the things I most admire about this duet, thus far. It has some things touch of moral codes and blur lines. It makes you think and ponder the world around you.

    I found her stalker to be a character who is questionable and that was delightful. At one point he states he makes his own morals. I had to really thing about that when I had read it. It makes sense. He isn’t a horrible person, just one that murders those who wish to hurt others. He doesn’t have a back story to make him a psychopath, but at the same time when you think too much on it, it will make you wonder, is he a bad guy or a good guy? This review will not be going to deeply  into him, as I do not wish to spoil anything to those who wish to read this book.

    With everything said, I must rate this book five out of five stars. There weren’t any dry points in the book and it was beautifully written. I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this book any one who likes dark romances with hints of mystery. Keep triggers in mind when you go to pick up this book. Some of it is very questionable where lines sit. It is still very good, and the adult content does not take away from the story. In fact, it adds to it in this case. After all, Adeline is a horror junkie. I hope you enjoyed this review, and please consider this book to be added to your TBR.

  • The Dark One by Nikki St Crowe


    Peter Pan’s shadow is loose on Neverland, taking up residence in Hook’s territory. While he plans to get it back, Winnie plans to claim Vane. After all she wants to claim all four of her lost boys. With shadows on the loose and problems piling up, one thing is clear, Pan will get his shadow back and do everything in his power to keep their Darling safe.


    The Dark One by Nikki St Crowe is the second in the series. It continues the story where The Never King left off. It has all our favorite staring in their own chapters. All but Tilly, Tinkerbell’s daughter and current fae queen. We even get to see things from hooks perspective. I have to say the Crocodile is my favorite. Though we don’t meet him in this book, we do get some back story of who he is. I loved the crocodile in the movie as a kid. But to see this rendition is amazing. I hope we get to meet him in the next novel.

    I also adored how the shadows ran from Pan, adding another problem to his list. After all, Neverland is tied closely with Pan and his shadow. The shadow seems to be playful, which is how we are used to seeing Peter Pan. This Peter Pan seems vicious and I can’t wait to see what he is like with his shadow as this novel is about the journey of obtaining his shadow again after having found it. Throughout this addition to the series, we have more adult content than the last and it adds to the story. It helps characters get closer and shows the growing love between them. However, I feel it does have some triggers, which the author does mention in the beginning of the book and was kind enough to give us a link to said triggers. Though it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

    All in all, The Dark One was pretty good. It had some intense moments, and it is full of adult content but also rivalry and action. Though I will say the action wasn’t a whole lot. Even though it is short, it was still a delightful read, making it four out of five stars. It doesn’t get five stars because I would have loved a little more action and a lot less planning, but it was still good enough for four stars. I do recommend reading The Never King first as it fills in some gapes that otherwise wouldn’t have driven me crazy. The series is extremely delightful and one I will recommend.

  • The Never King by Nikki St. Crowe


    The magic of never land is tied to Peter Pan’s shadow, but it’s been missing for a long time. It’s location? Darlings’ inherited memories. The only problem being, to abstract the memories, a Darling has to go mad. With this new Darling, Pan is running out of time. Therefore he and his boys have to hope this one is differed.


    The Never King is a delicious take on Peter Pan. Nikki St Crowe writing style is beautiful.  Each description was beautifully done. Made you want to be in the book to experience everything yourself. The other thing I loved was how the man character, Winnie, stayed focus on the fact she will go mad. I really enjoyed how she dealt with it her whole life. With everything her mother put her through, one would’ve thought Winnie would have run away or hated her mom. I know I would’ve, but seeing Winnie concerned with her mother’s well being even though she shouldn’t have been at such a young age, let’s you know that she had to sacrifice a childhood in order to help her mother out.

    It touches me in a heartwarming way because I can relate in a way. The fear of going mad is always there. It is one trauma away. With Winnie not wanting to be like her mother, she puts up a fight in her own way. The girl is full of a fire that one can only get when out through what she had to endure growing up. The story is a bit dirty at parts with the adult content. There isn’t a whole lot of adult content just two scenes, however with the book being under 200 pages, two scenes can take up a good portion of the novel. Even with it there is doesn’t take away from the story. If anything, it adds to it.

    As I do not wish to give away too much and with it being so short, I will have to go ahead and rate The Never King by Nikki St Crowe.  The rating I would give it is four out of five stars. It was an excellent read but left me wanting more. I would recommend it to all my smutt lovers. It’s a dark romance with reverse harem quality to it. However, it is very short and will leaving you wanting more. More information, more events and more adult content.

  • A Soul to Keep by Opal Reyne


    Reia is going to be sacrificed because her village believes her to be a harbinger of bad omens. She lived her life in loneliness and just wants to travel the world to see what is out there. However, she is to be the sacrifice to keep her village safe. When he arrives for her, Reia holds firm and leaves with him. He discusses what his goal is. He wants a human to give him their soul. Reia wants freedom and she knows if she can just leave his home and make is safely through the veil, she could be free to move around and see the world. However, she slowly begins to fall for the Dusk Walker.  


    A Soul to Keep by Opal Reyne is like a Beauty and the Beast retelling. It is dark but has the same kind of qualities that made me love Beauty and the Beast. It has a girl, who is beautiful inside and out and a monster who wishes for a female’s affections. Though the story is still different and even mentions Beauty and the Beast, it still holds that same quality but with a twist. In this story, Reia is our beauty, but she is not liked by anyone in her village. Due to an event that happened leaving her the only one to survive, Reia is labeled the harbinger of bad omens. With demons eating humans, she is often blamed for the unfortunate events that happen when demons get hungry. This ultimately is why she has some fire in her. Having been trapped in her village, she begins to dream of exploring the world until she is be offered as a bride to a Dusk Walker. This information allows us to see why she is so rebellious and has determination unlike anyone else. 

    Throughout the story, the thought of escaping the Dusk Walker who is holding her captive, we find Reia often battling herself to escape. Even though she knows it would be a bad idea, she still wants to travel the world The fact this ideal does not change, it is clear the Dusk Walker will do anything for her, and this helps change the how it will happen.  The story is cute because in this dark retelling, the beast, or Dusk Walker, needs Reia to give him her soul. As the story goes on, it makes it impossible to understand what that really means. However, it does play on both their minds as he wants her to be with him forever and she is not sure if living forever sounds all that good. After all, to live forever sounds kind of boring to me too. What can you do to keep yourself sane and busy, eventually, you will run out of things to do. But to each their own. 

    With each arc in the story, it brings the two together, which brings us some spicy scenes. These scenes are very different from our normal adult content that we all love so much. After all, one of them is not even human. It is interesting how the author created our male’s genital section. It is kind of weird at first, but it makes sense that a nonhuman would not have the same genitals. The whole idea on Dusk Walkers was utterly amazing. The more information we learn, the more we want to know more. In this case I was dying for the next tidbit of information to be given. Though I will say I was a little disappointed in the world building, but I understand why it was done the way it was. When demons can’t stand the sunlight, it makes sense completely.  

    Even with the small disappointment I felt about the world, I still loved the book. It was interesting and very entertaining. So, with that being said, I will rate A Soul to Keep five out of five stars. It had its spice and it only seemed to add to the story, even if it was a little weird at first. I cannot say I would recommend this to anyone, as I do feel it is for mature audiences only. It is still highly recommended, and I am hoping to see more from this author. Happy Reading! 

  • End of Month Recap

    Its that time again. I know we are posting this late but work and life had gotten in the way. Not to mention I was finishing another book in what little free time I had. My daughter is starting preschool in a week, so it has been busy with running around to prepare for it.  So, let’s dive in.

    In August I read a total of sixteen books. That includes the two ARCs that I obtained from the author Shelby Manuel. Thank you again Shelby for allowing me to read your books and review them. Out of all the books I read, I adored The Cat and Mouse duet by H.D. Carlton. Those reviews have yet to make it to my blog, but that is due to now being able to post every day. With my current schedule, as you may have already figured out, I am posting every other day. This is for two reasons. One, I need time to read. I have a full-time job as tech support and am a full-time parent. So, I don’t always have tons of time to read. I usually try to read an hour a day, after work when my child is in bed. The second reason being, I also like to see if any of you have suggestions, whether it’s a favorite book that you think I would like or a book you want to see reviewed. I know we are still growing, but please feel free to leave comments or email me if you have any recommendations. After all, I am trying to help others find their next obsession.

    I would like to state, this last month, I rented a lot of books from Kindle Unlimited to read on my iPad. I enjoyed quite a bit of them. It was a good month. Especially since two books I looked forward to being released. I have high hopes for September.

    Speaking of September, my goal will be to read at least fifteen books with some spooky ones in there. However, since my TBR is a million books deep, I will expand my spooky books to include anything with triggers or monsters in it and focus on actual horror stories in October. I know one of which will be a reread just because its that time of the year where my daughter and I watch Nightmare Before Christmas and then I will end up rereading Long Live the Pumpkin Queen. Which has already been reviewed and you should check it out if you love The Nightmare before Christmas story. I don’t have any books that I wish to pick up right now, so no upcoming release dates. Well, besides Wasteland: The Factions of Red River, which will be released October 1st. So, if those reviews enticed you, you know when both books will be out as Fog was released back in May.

    Well, with all that information given, I believe we should wrap up our monthly recap and next months goals. If you have any recommendations, please drop me a comment. I am always looking for that next obsession. I know my current one is still awaiting a third book and I am hoping to review the first two for you guys soon. For now, happy reading.