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  • A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas


    Feyre and the rest of the Court of Dreamers are preparing for war. With Hybern making its own moves, they don’t have a choice but to try to form alliance where they can. With spies having eyes everywhere and on everyone, there is no telling who is hiding the truth and who is going to stab them in the back. All that matters is surviving and saving as many people from disaster as possible.  Feyre must learn how to master herself and lead now that more is on the line than before. With the mystery on how to stop the cauldron and protect her friends and family, Feyre may have too much on her plate for once.


    Wow, just wow! I thought the last book, A Court of Mist and Fury was action packed.  A Court or Wings and Ruin though! It had suspense, tears, action, betrayal and so much more. Each page was better than the last. I was hooked throughout the entire thing. This addition to the series is quite big at just under seven hundred pages, but it was worth every minute of the time it took to read it. I can say Sarah J Mass out did herself on this one!

    I felt the first couple chapters where dry, but I felt it was necessary to the story. As the characters continue to grow and adjust plans, it’s clear that they are smart enough to know what they are doing but not eager enough to make mistakes. Though I felt a lot of mistakes were made by the characters throughout the narrative. There was so much betrayal and distrust between the High Lords and other characters that I couldn’t help but wonder how they would ever accomplish anything. It made me want to shake some of them and be like “What are you going to do to protect what’s yours?” Many of times I wanted to smack characters just to make sure they understood they were being complete pains.

    I suppose they needed to be pains to keep the story entertaining, but it was frustrating. I also found the little secrets in A Court if Wings and Ruin to be delightful. I was surprised a few times as information came out. It was so bad at times I wanted to be able to read faster just to see what surprise I was going to get next. Especially with the high focus on the war. Spoiler alert: The war didn’t last as long as one might think. If I am honest, I wish there has been a bit more battling. However, I did enjoy the lies being revealed and the making up between characters. It makes them feel more real because of their conflicts with each other.

    A Court of Wings and Ruin was beautifully written, and the plot moved smoothly. I really sank my teeth into this story, even though I had struggled in the first book. I will say the way it ended though, doesn’t leave me wanting more. It was so beautiful with how it was finished, that I am nervous for the next book. I dislike that about the endings in this series. Especially with this one. I am not sure what more could be done, but I guess I will find out.

    A Court of Wings and Ruin is receiving four out of five stars as a rating, it was delightful and suspenseful. It does hit a lot of different emotions and draws the reader in quickly. The story also has the cute romance in there was well. I can’t recommend one reading it without at least reading the others. The information seems to rely on the reader having known the entire story between characters and what not. However, A Court of Wings and Ruin and well as A Court of Mist and Fury, made reading the first one worth it to me.

  • A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas


    With the threat now gone, Feyre and Tamlin look forward to the joining of beings with matrimony. However, with Feyre still broken and haunted and with her bargain with Rhysand, she finds she no longer wants the marriage, since she needs to heal and figure out her new powers. Especially since now that she is keeping her end of the bargain by hanging around Rhysand, that she learns war is coming. Without knowing what her real powers are, she is set on learning them and who she is so that she can protect her people. After all without her being healed and knowing her powers, what will become of Feyre?


    Let me start this off with, I didn’t care so much for A Court of Thorns and Roses. I wasn’t into Tamlin and didn’t really feel like it ended in a way to have a series. I actually worried about reading A Court of Mist and Fury because of that. However, I absolutely loved it. There were twists that had me screaming “Yes” at times. I teared up quite a bit and kept calling Feyre an idiot at other times. I was able to fully sink my teeth into this book.

    I’m very pleased to say Rhysand is a major player in this book. He does continue to have the prick like personality that I can’t help but love. He pushed Feyre, which I was glad to see. Not because I love that kind of dynamitic but because it helped Feyre grow. She was returned to life as a fae, meaning there was bound to be left over residual abilities from the High Lords who granted her life after her death in the last book. Rhys was dead set on training her. Which differs from how Tamlin feels. These differences between the two characters is great.

    Throughout the story, I have so far decided I absolutely hate Tamlin. He is overly protective. To the point of locking Feyre up. Its not wonder that wedding has her doubting herself. It does have you questioning why did she let it go so far when he was keeping her out of the loop and behind closed doors, especially when she is obviously hurting. I found it to be nauseating. However, as the story progresses, that pairing seems to change.

    I loved learning more about Rhys and why he does what he does. After finishing the six hundred page book, I was glad I liked him from the beginning. He is very cunning and logical, always trying to do what he needs to protect that in which he loves. Messing with Feyre was just a little fun, even though it did help her not only survive the first book, but also taught her that she didn’t need to rely on anyone to do things. After all, she has powers now too.

    Though it was long, it had its romance, which seemed to develop slowly and made me sit on edge. With characters being sneaky and the upcoming war, causing everyone to be on edge, it was very easy to become obsessed with the story. I am very happy I decided to continue the series.

    I would rate A Court of Mist and Fury five out of five stars. It was delightful and thrilling. There was plenty of actions, romance and new places to learn to love. It was beautifully written and left on a cliff hanger, making you want more. After all, the war has yet to begin. I also want to see how Feyre grows and become her own warrior and protector. So even though the first book, I had my doubts, the series is still promising. If you decide to check out this series, keep in mind you do need to read the first one to get the full understanding of everything. This second book only expands on it and adds more depth to the characters.

  • A Court of Thorns and Roses


    Feyre is just a human girl who hunts to keep her family a float, when one night she kills a wolf, not knowing how it would turn her life upside down. Now held in act of a treaty she knows nothing about, Feyre must figure a way home before she falls in love. With aomething dark and sinister waiting to destroy the human world, Feyre has to find how to fight it will be relying on what she learned from her faerie friends.

    How could one dead wolf bring all this to light in just a few months and how will Feyre save the human world if she can’t fight that which she truly loves?


    A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas was a very interesting book. With the heroine, Feyre having so many shortcomings, it makes her an underdog in a way. I can’t say she is my favorite character, but I can say she is definitely the one that seemed to grow the most. She is also the character one might be able to relate to the easiest. She has her insecurities, and she is stubborn, but it makes her a great character to follow. Throughout the book you can see her find her passions and finally be herself the longer she is with Tamlin. She fights hard and as it would seem, even if she is illiterate, she can be extremely adaptable to whatever is thrown her way. There were many situations where we had to watch her be quick on her feet and come up with her own way of getting through things.

    I feel, after reading this book, that I am a little confused on why it’s a series, though there was a loose end at the end of the book. While reading it, I found myself wondering why certain things weren’t mentioned again. Though they were at the end, but I felt it was made to be just a cursory glance when it popped up even if it left a feeling of unimportance to Feyre upon first reading it. Do not get me wrong I felt a whole wide range of emotions while reading this book but at the end I still feel it ended nicely.

    The other thing I found rather difficult to swallow was the lack of information on certain characters. We learn a lot about Feyre and the sinister thing brewing, but I wish to know more about some of the side characters, such as Rhys and the other courts. Granted we get a bit of information about them, and we see a bit of Rhys but I don’t understand him as much as I would like. He is going to be my obsession for this book series. He is dark and mysterious, and he knows how to play games to get what he wants. Rhys has a lot going for him but I can’t help but wonder about him. Maybe the next book will give me more.

    This fantasy world was intriguing to learn about though. With it being decided amongst the humans and the faeries, I loved learning the differences. One thing I am curious about is if the Court of Spring is always springtime does that mean the court of night is always nighttime? Same with the other courts. It is an interesting prospect to think about. The human parts of the world seem to go through the reasons as normal, but the faerie realm does not? It had me wondering why and if it is slowly base on their magic. A thought I will ponder for the next few hours.

    With all, I would rate this wonderful fantasy/romance book three out of five stars. A Court of Thorns and Roses was definitely an amazing read, minus my complaints, the book is well written. I felt more emotions than I thought. I couldn’t believe I was terrified to read this book. It was great and entertaining. It can be a bit gory at times, with all the blood and death, but it was still something I highly recommend. The only reason it didn’t get five stars is because at the end I was left wondering where the series would go. With it being five books, I couldn’t figure out what would take it so long to wrap up and finish. I felt it ended fine minus one loose thread.  Otherwise, I enjoyed this book thoroughly.

  • Solo Leveling Vol. 4 by Chugong


    Jeju Island is a hunting ground for S-rank magical beasts in the form of ants. It has been years since Korea has deemed it a lost cause. However, shortly after Jinwoo has cured his mother from the fatal Sleeping Disease, Japan offers to help get rid of the ants. When asked by the Hunter association to join the raid, Jinwoo turns it down. However when a live broadcast shows the Korean Hunters are becoming ant fonder to an overpowered ant, with speed unscreened by anyone besides Jinwoo, Jinwoo takes no time to activate a new ability to swoop in and save the day. Fighting the ants is not the only thing on his mind though. With starting his own guild, Jinwoo is on the lookout for potential hunters to join his guild just so he can have it created, even though he does not plan to use them in raids. It should be easier if he continues to be the talk of the country, but no one seems to fit the bill.


    I thought I knew what being tense from reading felt like, but I was not prepared for the intense scenes in Solo Leveling Vol 4. Chugong did an amazing job making the scenes in the this book entertaining and binge worthy. Half way through the book I was so tense that my jaw was hurting from the clenching. I hadn’t even realized it since I was so engrossed in the story. Jinwoo will never cease to amaze me with his cleverness and the way he lives with his morals.  It was extremely nerve wrecking at certain parts because of how the battle was going down.  The focus of this book was finishing the healing of his mother and having her home, as well as taking care of Jeju Island.

    There were mystery character again and lots of smaller things, but the novel was still breathtaking. With a plot this good, you can’t go wrong. I found the little things refreshing when they happened. An example being Jinwoo’s mother putting her kids before her own needs. That’s what good parents do after all. But it was nice to see, even if Jinwoo wouldn’t understand. I felt this particular addition to be more moving in a sense that when you weren’t tense with the action and and other sneaky things, we were being moved by simple family life and friendships. It was very well rounded in that sense. It only drives me more insane to have to wait for when it is released to watch in 2023.

    I will say I was infuriated with more new characters. This time some of those new characters had a purpose and other are just making me question when we will get to the original new characters. The characters with a purpose interacted with Jinwoo and showed their goals a bit to us, however others just kind of appeared, made some suspicious comments that leave us questioning what they want and then disappear not to be seen again. It’s a good frustration as it means there is still more to come. Bad in the way that I have slowly been making a list of new characters and questionable plots that may arise without any answers. I’m like a dog with a bone at this point. I won’t let it go.

    Anyways, Solo Leveling Vol 4 by Chugong is my favorite of this series thus far. With that being said, I would rate this light novel five out of five stars. It leaves you with enough questions to keep wanting more but enough information to satisfy your need for action and adventure. I feel this book is extremely good. The series is a must read. Even the manga is really good. The art is gorgeous. Please check it out!

  • Solo Leveling Vol 3 by Chugong


    Clearing dungeons should be impossible for an E-rank hunter, however Jinwoo Sung can clear them now by himself. With this current ability change, it is time to get evaluated, making Jinwoo Sung officially an S-rank Hunter. With the new rank, Jinwoo has more than leveling up on his plate. People have been trying to contact him about joining their guilds, while the association is keeping his abilities under wraps so that no one else can know the information in hopes of recruiting him. Jinwoo has other plans though. With his mother still in the hospital and the Elixir of Life still needing ingredients to be created, Jinwoo wants to gather the supplies he needs to take on the Demon’s Castle once more.  


    Solo Leveling Vol 3 by Chugong had a lot more to digest than I thought it would. Not because there was a ton of action or lots of puzzles to figure out, but because Jinwoo had a lot more on his plate. He continues to grow and at some points, his power makes him seem crazy. He even scares a character because of a look in his eyes. I had tried personally for hours to imagine the look. As I haven’t the manga to refer to for such things.  

    (Speaking of manga, I only own the first four, which does a good job of covering books one and two but must wait for the others to see what it would all look like. I’m dying to see the Demon’s Castle in its entirety.) 

    In this addition to the series, I feel frustrated. In the previous volumes, we saw snippets of other characters who have business with Jinwoo but are elsewhere in the world. They did not mention these characters and there was no sign of them. Though at the end it does make mention of what could be one of them. As much as that is speculation, I really hope that means in the next addition, we will see how those previous characters play out upon meeting Jinwoo.  

    Moreover, you can’t help but wonder what Jinwoo’s plans are. He is doing all this leveling up, there was mentions of him starting his own guild and he is trying to take care of his family. You can’t help but wonder what our protagonist is up to. It obvious he wants to be stronger, more powerful, but what does he plan on using all this for. It can’t be just for money, can it? I get raising a family is not cheap, especially with medical bills, but if his only goal is money, then why not join a guild or strike squad? He would be able to do so much more in the terms of getting it. I guess we will have to wait to find out.  

    If you can’t tell, I am absolutely loving this series. Still, I would rate this four out of five stars. The book cover is beautiful with a different symbol on it, which I adore. However, I just have too many questions and I am starting to wish there was more details about each character’s appearance. There are a few characters we have met but get little to know description on. It is addicting and had me read it nonstop until finished, but that only added to the frustration on not getting answers. In fact, I think this particular addition gave me more questions. I have started keeping a journal with the questions so I can see if we ever get the answers.  I hope you check it out and if you do, let’s compare notes. We might be able to figure things out on our own. In the meantime, happy reading. 

  • Love Live the Pumpkin Queen by Shea Ernshaw


    Sally Skellington finally marries Jack, which in turns make her the Pumpkin Queen in Halloween Town. Not used to the attention or pressures of being a queen, Sally is completely out of her element, and it shows in her nerves and insecurities. With all that pressure of her queenly duties, Sally unknowingly releases a creature into Halloween Town, putting everyone but her to sleep. Unable to wake them and fearing what will happen to them, Sally sets out visiting every town to find a way to not only wake her town, but her beloved Jack. In this journey, Sally learns more about herself than she ever thought she would need to learn. All the town and the human world need her to get through this new epidemic.  


    Reviews can be hard, or they can easy. To start this one off, I feel I might need to give you all some background on how I write these. First Post It notes. I write notes and stick them in the book as I read. Just to have something on hand to remind me of things while I write the reviews. The reason I am telling you this is because this book made me feel all kinds of things, questioning different plot lines and adding my own thoughts and summaries to the book so I don’t forget anything. In the case of Long Live the Pumpkin Queen by Shea Ernshaw, I had Post It notes all over the place. Totaling at least twenty. The book is not very long, with a total of three hundred eleven pages, but it was amazing. I will say that even as I write this review, I am tearing up just thinking about everything. So, let’s get into the review, shall we? 

    Long Live the Pumpkin Queen takes place roughly a year after The Nightmare Before Christmas ends and is from Sally’s perspective, as she just married Jack and became the Pumpkin Queen. The Prologue does include that wedding for anyone like me, who is obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is beautifully written and in such a way that one can feel and understand Sally at a fundamental way. I think the best part is, the author did not change anything to the story, but added to it. Sally is a ragdoll, so when describing how she feels and how her body reacts, I was a little worried they might say heart or bones and what not. However, Ernshaw kept to the original idea of Sally being a rag doll filled with dead leaves. 

    Its not just the accuracy of Sally, but all the things Sally goes through in the book that makes it amazing. Like Jack in the movie, Sally has an adventure that helps her really find herself, even while trying to save her town. Throughout the whole novel, we experience ups and downs along with Sally and even get to explore the doorways to other towns, even learning of some ancient ones that haven’t been opened in a very long time. With each page, I was not only engrossed in the plot, but in Sally’s development and growth. It was extremely hard to put down. 

    One thing that stands out from this book is the underlying message that no matter what or who you are, even you are needed by someone. Whether it’s a town you need to save or family and friend who love you. Your anxieties and fears are not tangible. When you set your mind to something you can accomplish it. It was not only something I personally needed to get, but it was a compelling story to show that sometimes, its not others you need, but yourself that you need. It was heart warming and just amazing to read. 

    With all that in mind, I rate this novel five out of five stars. I have been giving that out a lot lately. Just shows how much I am loving my current books, I guess. This is a book for all ages. You should watch The Nightmare before Christmas first, but it isn’t needed if you really don’t want to. I know I would happily read this book to my four-year-old when we get the chance. Like me she is in love with Sally and Jack. The book is easy to follow, and you won’t have to explain or look up any words. I feel this is safe to read to those of all ages. It was descriptive, when need be, as well. You could almost feel like you were there. Its short and took me a day to read, so all my readers who like to pick up a quick read, this is one I recommend. In fact, I recommend it to everyone. I know I am trying to convince my non-reader family members to read it! So, pick it up and let me know what you think! And a huge thank you to Shea Ernshaw for Long Live the Pumpkin Queen. 

  • Solo Leveling Vol 2 by Chugong


    With the system in place to help him level and instance dungeons on hand to help him learn more about his abilities and levels, Jinwoo decides to help a fellow hunter out getting their guild license. Going through the motions has become boring and Jinwoo is taking dungeons by themselves, but his craving to get more powerful before anyone else finds out what he is capable of, has him striving to do more. This catches the eye of a recruiter from the White Tiger Guild, who then proceeds to recruit Jinwoo, who is dead set on being solo. Jinwoo has other things they need to take care of. Not only to level up, but to also take care of his family.



    Last review, I said I believe this is going to be my newest obsession. I was not lying. I just finished Solo Leveling Vol. 2 and I already can’t wait to read the next one. As of right now, only four are available for purchase but later this month Solo Leveling Vol 5 will be released. I will be watching for it to snatch it up immediately. This has become my newest love and I don’t plan on giving it up. Solo Leveling Vol 2 gives us more insight, but not enough. It appears bigger issues are on the horizon and even at the end of the book, I was left speechless and dying to know more.

    The characters grow and you can tell Jinwoo is becoming more confident in himself. He still has ideas and thoughts that show is learning and adapting as he goes. In this particular volume, I found the system in which allows him to level up can be confusing. It isn’t very clear, but Jinwoo is learning how to use the system to keep advancing. With him playing with different aspects of the system, I feel like he is looking at as a video game and using his mind to make sure he doesn’t have only one way of doing things. An example of this is showed about midway through the novel, when he uses the penalty quest to go ahead and get out of a situation where he would not be able to recover. That will be all I say on that, no spoilers from me.

    I feel Jinwoo since the first volume has increased in his knowledge. He was extremely smart from the beginning but watching him grow and figure things out is half the fun. He is constantly surprising me with how quickly he ends up figuring things out. There are points where I was having a hard time just to understand what was going on, but when Jinwoo gets it figured out and explains his thoughts about it and how he came to that conclusion, you can’t help but go “Ah ha!” It does keep you on your toes are there are situations that seem impossible and create anxiety for the reader, but then you don’t want to put it down. Not because its an action part, but because you can’t wait to see what come next. These novels and manga are selling me on the new upcoming Anime series that released next year for it.

    Overall, I will once again rate this book five out of five stars. Not only is it entertaining, but it is full of suspense and has you wanting to know more by the end of the book. There are too many questions I have and not enough answers. Chugong did a fabulous job with this. I am fan girling over here over this series. Not to mention the books are gorgeous. I recommend this to all my anime lovers and fellow otakus. This is an amazing book. Even though it can bring up some disturbing ideals, like necromancy, it isn’t anything gamers haven’t dealt with. So, it isn’t too bad or disturbing. If anything, it is inspiring, as the character does have morals they keep. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy, video games and Dungeons and Dragons. I believe this will be a top series for me this year. You should check it out!

  • Solo Leveling Vol. 1 by Chugong

    The world is filled with dangers. Portals open that release monsters into the world. In Korea, one of the Hunter Associations has Jinwoo Sung, who happens to be calls the “the weakest hunter of all mankind.” Since he is so weak, he is stuck doing weak dungeons, classified as E-rank. However, he quickly learns that just because he is the weakest, doesn’t mean he is the dumbest. After one close call with death, he starts getting video game like notifications that no one less can see. He isn’t sure what this means but he does what it tells him, in hopes to become a better hunter to earn more money to help pay his mother’s hospital bills and his sister’s tuition. Jinwoo realizes he has a lot to learn and do to become a better hunter and survive these new conditions laid out for him.


    Solo Leveling Vol. 1 by Chugong was an addictive book. I got introduced to it from my husband. He is a big anime fan. He doesn’t like to read, including manga, and asked me to read it to him. I agreed and found I am absolutely enthralled with the story. To get us started with this review, I would like to start with our plot.

    The plot quickly sucks you to never let your out. Our hunter that we are mainly following has some unique traits and it is delightful that he must try to learn as they go with these unique skills. It was a bit confusing at the beginning, but it cleared up since we can only know what the characters know. As the story progressed and Jinwoo progresses, it gets harder to put down. I needed to know everything. It does have similar qualities to other “Gaming” manga, but there are differences as well. It will keep you entertained.

    The characters we do see have their own personalities and goals. Each one seems to need to feed off the others. In fact, towards the end we do see a kind of pairing form. It is a bit surprising because the two characters in this pairing are so different, but it seems to work and work well. Throughout the entire story, even though we only really follow-on character, getting some in sight to other characters is super great to see. Sometimes it just a nurse or another hunter, but it gives you a nice perspective of how much our main character is growing and changing. Which is apparently a lot more than anyone would in such a short period of time. It does create questions though. Ones I hope we can get later.

    Overall, this will be my newest obsession. It looks like more of the volumes will be released later this year. I will be ordering them as soon as I am able to. I would rate this novel four out of five stars. It was so amazing and easily to get lost into the story when you should be out and about doing things in the real world. I will say the story is a little gory, but it is a fighting fantasy. I will say it would be best for young adult and older readers. It is really good, but with all the fighting, anyone too young might not be able to handle it  


    The manga and book have many differences. One being explanations and the actual placement of some information. I feel the manga has lovely art but the book feels more complete. The first three volumes of the manga are also covered by the light novel. I feel it’s best to read the manga first then the light novel as the novel fills on any holes in the manga. The art is super gorgeous. However, like the story itself, some of it is a little dark.  To keep with the light novels, I have to read through most of the third volume in the manga.  Even with the differences, I feel they are closely matched and had already figured that there would be differenced, but the differences are great. It makes the novels and manga different enough to make you be able to sink your teeth into both without worrying too much.

    Anime release date

    After much research, Solo Leveling does appear to be making a television debut in the year 2023. If the anime is as good as these books, I do not see why it won’t be enjoyable. I do want to say to watch at your own discretion, as it is a bit gory.

  • Fate Awakened by Jocelyn Montana


    A fierce wolf, called a vulk, is about to face his past in more ways than one all because of a girl with strange healing powers. Hans is on the hunt for the magicwielders who wish to bring back ancient evils to the world of Ulterra. He can smell him thanks to being a vulk, but what he finds leaves him surprised. A beautiful girl naked, tied to a bench. It doesn’t take long until they are bonded together without any knowledge. While trying to find out why they have a rune binding them and what it means, they learn of a past enemy that Hans believed he killed, is back from the underworld, Pelko, and is up to something. With the looming doom, they prepare for battle, learning to trust their hearts and find their place in this world of chaos that is threatening to take over their home and their world.


    Fated Awakened by Jocelyn Montana is just wow. For me to explain everything I loved about this book, we would be here all day. Well maybe not you, as you can just go ahead and leave at any point, though I hope you finish reading these little reviews. That is just the short way of saying there wasn’t a thing I hated. I can’t think of a single thing that upset me, well outside of the story plot, but not in a bad way. Let’s start with the world building. I can say honestly it was amazing. I would like to have a map for reference while reading at times, but that isn’t a bad thing. I am just curious by nature of the layout of things at times. With the way Jocelyn Montana described everything the characters saw; you couldn’t help but imagine everything. I couldn’t get enough of the world. I want to explore it, even the areas that sound dangerous. It sounds beautiful and like a gorgeous adventure.

    The next thing of note I feel we should discuss is story plot. Normally in a book or novel I see parts that feel rushed or neglected, but in Fate Awakened, I did not experience this feeling. It is almost as if Jocelyn Montana loved what she was writing and wanted to share the experience with the reader. It was smooth and provided enough information to keep you going back for more. I can honestly say, there were times I was angry because I had to be present in the real world. I literally, counted down the second until I could get back to it.

    The characters kept you on the edge. There were spicy scenes, which will be discussed in a moment, that kept things interesting, but they didn’t take away from the story at all. The characters had their own personalities that seemed to blend well together. It was a delightful read because of that. As for our spicy scenes, I can tell you that there may be some trigger if you aren’t into werewolves and such doing such graphic mature content. It does include knotting. Which would normally be something I am not into, but it seemed to make sense in this plot and wasn’t a huge priority. If it was discussed constantly, I might have felt off, but it was not even a focus. It just kind of happened, so it did not bother me at all, but if that isn’t your thing, please do not read this book.

    As for recommendations and ratings, I had to really think hard. I absolutely loved the book in its entirety; therefore, I rate Fated Awakened fie out of five stars. I absolutely couldn’t get enough of this book. Jocelyn Montana has a new fan, that is for sure. As for recommendations, this is for our mature audiences. It does include a few adult scenes in it and as I stated it does have a weird kink in it so keep that in mind when debating on picking up the book. I can’t say I didn’t warn you on that now. It was really good, and I recommend to my paranormal fantasy lovers.

  • End of Month Check in

    At the end of each month I will be posting what was read each month and my highlights of the month. I will also be putting information on the upcoming month. Such as releases I am looking forward to or books to gather and read as well as anything else that might help keep us all up to date with the upcoming month. So without further ado, let’s discuss July.

    July’s Highlights

    July was a slow month for me as there were some medical issues that came up with myself and my family. I am sad to say I only read a total of six books. Out of said books I found I only absolutely loved Fate Awakened. I tend to be organized of my books and what I read so I keep a personal excel sheet with my ratings and such. I will be posting it below with my ratings. This way you can see if you would like to check them out.

    August’s Hopes and Dreams

    One August 2nd, Long Live The Pumpkin Queen is being released. I already have my copy on hold and I am super stoked to get it. It is supposed to be a sequel of Nightmare Before Christmas movie, which I am a huge fan of. Seriously I might have to take pictures of my collection one day. So I will be doing that review fairly early on.

    I also started getting into some manga that I will be reviewing. One in particular is Solo Leveling. It has light novels and the graphic novels. I will be first reviewing the only four out and add as I go through the series. I am currently missing book one of the light novels, but I will be ordering that soon. I am hoping to compare the books and the novels by the end of September. At least what is out. I do know the anime will be released in January of next year. Kind of stoked for that show.

    I am also planning on reviewing Hunted and Assembly by Erica Woods as well, not to mention whatever ARC reads I pick up. I tend to pick up a lot of ARCs through BookSirens.com and online book club.

    The other big notice you might see is I will be changing up post layouts over the next month. I want to try a few things outs that I have yet to do. If you have any suggestions, please, please leave me a message with your feedback. I will see it and get back you and maybe even try it out. I want your experience to be good with me. I also would love your feedback on anything you think I should read. Keep in mind I will get to it. I own a ton of books and always looking to add to the addiction. If you tell me what you want to see, I will do my best to read it next and get that review posted. I will even do a shout out to you.

    Well that is my Monthly wrap up. Looking forward to what August has for us. Happy reading my Book Otakus. See you in our next chapter.