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  • Solo Leveling Vol 2 by Chugong


    With the system in place to help him level and instance dungeons on hand to help him learn more about his abilities and levels, Jinwoo decides to help a fellow hunter out getting their guild license. Going through the motions has become boring and Jinwoo is taking dungeons by themselves, but his craving to get more powerful before anyone else finds out what he is capable of, has him striving to do more. This catches the eye of a recruiter from the White Tiger Guild, who then proceeds to recruit Jinwoo, who is dead set on being solo. Jinwoo has other things they need to take care of. Not only to level up, but to also take care of his family.



    Last review, I said I believe this is going to be my newest obsession. I was not lying. I just finished Solo Leveling Vol. 2 and I already can’t wait to read the next one. As of right now, only four are available for purchase but later this month Solo Leveling Vol 5 will be released. I will be watching for it to snatch it up immediately. This has become my newest love and I don’t plan on giving it up. Solo Leveling Vol 2 gives us more insight, but not enough. It appears bigger issues are on the horizon and even at the end of the book, I was left speechless and dying to know more.

    The characters grow and you can tell Jinwoo is becoming more confident in himself. He still has ideas and thoughts that show is learning and adapting as he goes. In this particular volume, I found the system in which allows him to level up can be confusing. It isn’t very clear, but Jinwoo is learning how to use the system to keep advancing. With him playing with different aspects of the system, I feel like he is looking at as a video game and using his mind to make sure he doesn’t have only one way of doing things. An example of this is showed about midway through the novel, when he uses the penalty quest to go ahead and get out of a situation where he would not be able to recover. That will be all I say on that, no spoilers from me.

    I feel Jinwoo since the first volume has increased in his knowledge. He was extremely smart from the beginning but watching him grow and figure things out is half the fun. He is constantly surprising me with how quickly he ends up figuring things out. There are points where I was having a hard time just to understand what was going on, but when Jinwoo gets it figured out and explains his thoughts about it and how he came to that conclusion, you can’t help but go “Ah ha!” It does keep you on your toes are there are situations that seem impossible and create anxiety for the reader, but then you don’t want to put it down. Not because its an action part, but because you can’t wait to see what come next. These novels and manga are selling me on the new upcoming Anime series that released next year for it.

    Overall, I will once again rate this book five out of five stars. Not only is it entertaining, but it is full of suspense and has you wanting to know more by the end of the book. There are too many questions I have and not enough answers. Chugong did a fabulous job with this. I am fan girling over here over this series. Not to mention the books are gorgeous. I recommend this to all my anime lovers and fellow otakus. This is an amazing book. Even though it can bring up some disturbing ideals, like necromancy, it isn’t anything gamers haven’t dealt with. So, it isn’t too bad or disturbing. If anything, it is inspiring, as the character does have morals they keep. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy, video games and Dungeons and Dragons. I believe this will be a top series for me this year. You should check it out!

  • Solo Leveling Vol. 1 by Chugong

    The world is filled with dangers. Portals open that release monsters into the world. In Korea, one of the Hunter Associations has Jinwoo Sung, who happens to be calls the “the weakest hunter of all mankind.” Since he is so weak, he is stuck doing weak dungeons, classified as E-rank. However, he quickly learns that just because he is the weakest, doesn’t mean he is the dumbest. After one close call with death, he starts getting video game like notifications that no one less can see. He isn’t sure what this means but he does what it tells him, in hopes to become a better hunter to earn more money to help pay his mother’s hospital bills and his sister’s tuition. Jinwoo realizes he has a lot to learn and do to become a better hunter and survive these new conditions laid out for him.


    Solo Leveling Vol. 1 by Chugong was an addictive book. I got introduced to it from my husband. He is a big anime fan. He doesn’t like to read, including manga, and asked me to read it to him. I agreed and found I am absolutely enthralled with the story. To get us started with this review, I would like to start with our plot.

    The plot quickly sucks you to never let your out. Our hunter that we are mainly following has some unique traits and it is delightful that he must try to learn as they go with these unique skills. It was a bit confusing at the beginning, but it cleared up since we can only know what the characters know. As the story progressed and Jinwoo progresses, it gets harder to put down. I needed to know everything. It does have similar qualities to other “Gaming” manga, but there are differences as well. It will keep you entertained.

    The characters we do see have their own personalities and goals. Each one seems to need to feed off the others. In fact, towards the end we do see a kind of pairing form. It is a bit surprising because the two characters in this pairing are so different, but it seems to work and work well. Throughout the entire story, even though we only really follow-on character, getting some in sight to other characters is super great to see. Sometimes it just a nurse or another hunter, but it gives you a nice perspective of how much our main character is growing and changing. Which is apparently a lot more than anyone would in such a short period of time. It does create questions though. Ones I hope we can get later.

    Overall, this will be my newest obsession. It looks like more of the volumes will be released later this year. I will be ordering them as soon as I am able to. I would rate this novel four out of five stars. It was so amazing and easily to get lost into the story when you should be out and about doing things in the real world. I will say the story is a little gory, but it is a fighting fantasy. I will say it would be best for young adult and older readers. It is really good, but with all the fighting, anyone too young might not be able to handle it  


    The manga and book have many differences. One being explanations and the actual placement of some information. I feel the manga has lovely art but the book feels more complete. The first three volumes of the manga are also covered by the light novel. I feel it’s best to read the manga first then the light novel as the novel fills on any holes in the manga. The art is super gorgeous. However, like the story itself, some of it is a little dark.  To keep with the light novels, I have to read through most of the third volume in the manga.  Even with the differences, I feel they are closely matched and had already figured that there would be differenced, but the differences are great. It makes the novels and manga different enough to make you be able to sink your teeth into both without worrying too much.

    Anime release date

    After much research, Solo Leveling does appear to be making a television debut in the year 2023. If the anime is as good as these books, I do not see why it won’t be enjoyable. I do want to say to watch at your own discretion, as it is a bit gory.

  • Fate Awakened by Jocelyn Montana


    A fierce wolf, called a vulk, is about to face his past in more ways than one all because of a girl with strange healing powers. Hans is on the hunt for the magicwielders who wish to bring back ancient evils to the world of Ulterra. He can smell him thanks to being a vulk, but what he finds leaves him surprised. A beautiful girl naked, tied to a bench. It doesn’t take long until they are bonded together without any knowledge. While trying to find out why they have a rune binding them and what it means, they learn of a past enemy that Hans believed he killed, is back from the underworld, Pelko, and is up to something. With the looming doom, they prepare for battle, learning to trust their hearts and find their place in this world of chaos that is threatening to take over their home and their world.


    Fated Awakened by Jocelyn Montana is just wow. For me to explain everything I loved about this book, we would be here all day. Well maybe not you, as you can just go ahead and leave at any point, though I hope you finish reading these little reviews. That is just the short way of saying there wasn’t a thing I hated. I can’t think of a single thing that upset me, well outside of the story plot, but not in a bad way. Let’s start with the world building. I can say honestly it was amazing. I would like to have a map for reference while reading at times, but that isn’t a bad thing. I am just curious by nature of the layout of things at times. With the way Jocelyn Montana described everything the characters saw; you couldn’t help but imagine everything. I couldn’t get enough of the world. I want to explore it, even the areas that sound dangerous. It sounds beautiful and like a gorgeous adventure.

    The next thing of note I feel we should discuss is story plot. Normally in a book or novel I see parts that feel rushed or neglected, but in Fate Awakened, I did not experience this feeling. It is almost as if Jocelyn Montana loved what she was writing and wanted to share the experience with the reader. It was smooth and provided enough information to keep you going back for more. I can honestly say, there were times I was angry because I had to be present in the real world. I literally, counted down the second until I could get back to it.

    The characters kept you on the edge. There were spicy scenes, which will be discussed in a moment, that kept things interesting, but they didn’t take away from the story at all. The characters had their own personalities that seemed to blend well together. It was a delightful read because of that. As for our spicy scenes, I can tell you that there may be some trigger if you aren’t into werewolves and such doing such graphic mature content. It does include knotting. Which would normally be something I am not into, but it seemed to make sense in this plot and wasn’t a huge priority. If it was discussed constantly, I might have felt off, but it was not even a focus. It just kind of happened, so it did not bother me at all, but if that isn’t your thing, please do not read this book.

    As for recommendations and ratings, I had to really think hard. I absolutely loved the book in its entirety; therefore, I rate Fated Awakened fie out of five stars. I absolutely couldn’t get enough of this book. Jocelyn Montana has a new fan, that is for sure. As for recommendations, this is for our mature audiences. It does include a few adult scenes in it and as I stated it does have a weird kink in it so keep that in mind when debating on picking up the book. I can’t say I didn’t warn you on that now. It was really good, and I recommend to my paranormal fantasy lovers.

  • End of Month Check in

    At the end of each month I will be posting what was read each month and my highlights of the month. I will also be putting information on the upcoming month. Such as releases I am looking forward to or books to gather and read as well as anything else that might help keep us all up to date with the upcoming month. So without further ado, let’s discuss July.

    July’s Highlights

    July was a slow month for me as there were some medical issues that came up with myself and my family. I am sad to say I only read a total of six books. Out of said books I found I only absolutely loved Fate Awakened. I tend to be organized of my books and what I read so I keep a personal excel sheet with my ratings and such. I will be posting it below with my ratings. This way you can see if you would like to check them out.

    August’s Hopes and Dreams

    One August 2nd, Long Live The Pumpkin Queen is being released. I already have my copy on hold and I am super stoked to get it. It is supposed to be a sequel of Nightmare Before Christmas movie, which I am a huge fan of. Seriously I might have to take pictures of my collection one day. So I will be doing that review fairly early on.

    I also started getting into some manga that I will be reviewing. One in particular is Solo Leveling. It has light novels and the graphic novels. I will be first reviewing the only four out and add as I go through the series. I am currently missing book one of the light novels, but I will be ordering that soon. I am hoping to compare the books and the novels by the end of September. At least what is out. I do know the anime will be released in January of next year. Kind of stoked for that show.

    I am also planning on reviewing Hunted and Assembly by Erica Woods as well, not to mention whatever ARC reads I pick up. I tend to pick up a lot of ARCs through BookSirens.com and online book club.

    The other big notice you might see is I will be changing up post layouts over the next month. I want to try a few things outs that I have yet to do. If you have any suggestions, please, please leave me a message with your feedback. I will see it and get back you and maybe even try it out. I want your experience to be good with me. I also would love your feedback on anything you think I should read. Keep in mind I will get to it. I own a ton of books and always looking to add to the addiction. If you tell me what you want to see, I will do my best to read it next and get that review posted. I will even do a shout out to you.

    Well that is my Monthly wrap up. Looking forward to what August has for us. Happy reading my Book Otakus. See you in our next chapter.

  • Beta Rising by L.C. Son


    He needs to mate to ensure his bloodline continues, but the woman he loves died a few weeks ago. With the idea of just mating with someone to keep the curse of his pack away from them, Mark is left no option but to accept that his wolf is accepting his first love and heart break as his mate. Mark decides that even though there are rumors circling this woman, that he would agree to wait to hear her truth after the ritual which will tie them together so that Mark can officially obtain an heir. During the weeklong stay at the hovel, where this ritual takes place, Mark learns there are sometimes other things at play than what you hear. He is forced to not only recognize his feelings, but to learn to trust his wolf again.


    Beta Rising by L.C. Son was a decent read. I will state it was a little short, but not in a way where things felt rushed or left out. The characters were beautifully written, and each had their own personality. I couldn’t help but fall I love with them. I will state though I have some issues with the graphic adult scenes. I love spice in my books. Often, I will not have issues, but I feel like sometimes it was too much. I felt there were times where it was just about the spice, and I wanted to read some plot. I wanted to know more about each character’s past and would have loved more information on some other aspects brought up in the story. There are clear factions and lines drawn for many of the characters, but it doesn’t go into it much. I could have used more in-depth information on said factions and species.

    Even with the lack of information and the tons of adult scenes, I did enjoy the plot. I would definitely keep reading the series for answers because the way the book ended felt like a cliff hanger. I enjoyed the way the characters were built. I found some of the side characters interesting as well. Though, I will say they seemed suspicious at times. I want to continue to stress that lack of information though. I believe it would have made the story even more compelling. However, even with that said, I can say it can make a decent smut book.

    Due to the lack of information, I can only fairly rate this piece of fiction three out of five stars. I felt frustration with the story and was constantly looking for more information. I would still recommend this book to others who enjoy smut books but would advise it doesn’t feel completed. I would also advise, as a paranormal romance, it has a few cute aspects and maybe only one or two action scenes in the entire book. Though I can still say I would recommend it, I feel there are audiences that should not be able to look at this story.

    Young adults and those who do not like sexual scenes in their books, plots and novels, should not be looking to pick this book up. It is very spicy and detailed. The plot may be decent, I feel this novel should not for those who do not care for the spice or adult scenes, as this fictional piece of literature contains a good portion of that kind of thing. However, if that is your thing, please check it out. It is a good novel.

    Disclaimer: I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

  • Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants by Caleb J. Boyer

    Mathew and Ryan are two teenage boys who happen to be best friends as well. They awake, unsure of where they are or even how they got there. They only remember their names and each other. As they look around, they realize they are on an island and begin to make plans to ensure their escape and rescue. However, as they explore to try to find the sources they need to survive, like fresh water and food, the two boys realize this is game they are playing. With each successful challenge attempt, they are rewarded with fresh water and food, but they must work together as they try to find out how to get off this island, while somehow being transported around to different quadrants of the island to face new challenges and test their friendship and teamwork. How will these two ever get off the island and how did they get there in the first place? Will Mathew and Ryan ever figure out the next steps to obtain their freedom?

    Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants by Caleb J. Boyer is a delightful young adult fiction novel. In the beginning it did present some confusion and the confusion did only grow through out the story. Not that it was an awful thing, but I do wish some of the questions that are prosed by the characters would be answered. I have a feeling this book is the first of a series and I will be hunting down the series as I still have questions. I did find the unanswered questions extremely frustrating as I feel that information could be helpful. Otherwise, I do not have any other qualms with this narrative.

    Besides the above statements, I loved Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants. The story was compelling and the way everything was described made the story even more intriguing. I found it was hard to put down and stay away from for any amount of time. It was my first book by the author, and it made me want more. The writing style grabs you and keeps your hooked throughout the journey. Everything is smooth and enjoyable. The characters were easy to relate to. They had so many qualities that you see with teenage boys that you can’t help but smile at the two boys’ interactions with each other. It was quite refreshing to read, for sure.

    As far as who I believe this book could be enjoyed by, I would recommend those who love Young Adult Fiction books. It was truly enjoyable but lacked anything to make this seem too dramatic or gory. It is a book I would say young adults could enjoy and even children can be read this book. It wasn’t exceptionally scary or had any aspects that would be inappropriate for any age. With everything I have gone over for this story, I do have to say I would rate Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants by Caleb J Boyer three out of four stars. It was very enjoyable and I didn’t want to put it down, but not having all the questions answered did leave me a little unsatisfied and frustrated with the author. I would read it again, but I would have to wait some time or until another book is out to finish answering all my questions. I feel like the ending should have provided some answers, even though it was a bit of a cliff hanger. Overall, it was an amazing tale.

  • Truth or Dare by Lindsay Murray

    About the Novella

    Truth or Dare by Lindsay Murray is about two people who knew each other as kids. Red is friends with Tilly’s brother, Micah. Throughout their childhood, Red and his friends teased and bullied Tilly. It wasn’t until one prank revealed Tilly was crushing on Red, that things began to change. Both characters went to different colleges, but they ended up finding each other again. Only now, the one question they face is will they finally get together or will it be a disaster as Tilly foretold about it in a book she wrote?


    Truth or Dare is a short Novella. With a total of 90 pages, it doesn’t take too long to read. It was a delightful read. I feel that although the story plot is good, that the book could have used better editing. There were times when there was a grammatical error that made me do a double take. However, that is the only major issue I had. I did have a small issue with time skipping. I get it is possible to not have a huge time frame to have to write, when the characters are only texting, but I feel it could have been even better with the additional information.

    With how it is written now, it is still a beautiful story. It isn’t completely dirty, so we don’t’ get to see sll the smut that is often given in romance novels these days. It was refreshing, but it is still an good innocent romance story. I love how the characters are in the arts and how they are each other’s muse and don’t even realize it until later in the story. It was cute and heartwarming. It will make you tear up a bit though. It touches you in ways you didn’t realize you wish you knew about before meeting your significant other. It is just super cute.

    Due to how short it was, I recommend Truth or Dare to anyone looking for a quick read. Possibly only and hour or two long. It would definitely be a good in between books, in my opinion. Especially since it left me wanting another book right after it. I do not recommend if you are looking for anything too in depth. It is still a good readd and it is fairly decent read and quite enjoyable, but it is nothing to sate that romance taste on your tongue.

    Because of all of what has been said, rating Truth or Dare was hard. I loved it, but wasn’t super crazy over the length. Thus, I have rated it three out of four stars. It is still rather entertaining, but it is kind of short for my liking and felt a little rushed. If romance novellas are your type of book, definitely check it out.  I also want to say I received an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in exchange for an honest review.  

  • Lock The Doors by Vincent Ralph

    Tom has had a difficult life, leaving him with some issues that make his life a little difficult to adjust to, when his mother marries Jay and they mov into their dream house. With his OCD and anxiety, he can often be considered paranoid and odd, even to his newly blended family. With the holes in his door, showing signs of a lock to keep people locked into the room, Tom finds himself hung up on a mystery he now needs to solve. When he learns the new student in his school used to live in the house, he is dead set on saving her from whatever was going on. Only he has no idea what is going on and the more he learns, the more frightening the story turns out to be. e WitqiWi

    Lock the Doors by Vincent Ralph is by far an amazing book. It is the first book by his author I have read and I am already wanting to pull number one fan things. Like buying all their books and stalking the author for book updates. This must be the first book in a long time that kept me on my toes. Every time I thought I figured something out, the author would switch up tactics and information to throw me off. The twits kept the story from being bland and too predictable. I absolutely loved devouring this story. Tom was relatable in ways I never would have suspected. With his history with his mother’s past lovers, you can’t help but wonder the kind of strength it took to survive everything they did. However, like most tragic moments, that history left its mark through OCD and anxiety. I absolutely loved those quirks and made me love Tom even more. He became so real to me that I couldn’t help but wonder at times if he was based on a real person.

    Another aspect of the story I loved was how the author made me feel while reading the book. Without giving any of the story away, I will say there is one character that drove me up a wall. To the point, at times I was shaking my head and telling my husband that this character was crazy. The fictional piece of work does go over some touchy subjects, like death and child abduction. However, even with these touchy subjects, it wasn’t completely triggering. Though, it did bring up some lovely points about how easy child abductors have it these days. With the devices we have on hand at all times, it does assist thee predators. As we are all a little distracted at times. Though I will say, it makes me appreciate the fact my child is super clingy. I feel this was an amazing thing to touch on, just to say “Hey watch your kids. If you look at your phone, you child could go missing in a few seconds.”

    At first, I will say I didn’t find a lot of negatives, but as time went on, I will say the chapters annoyed me. Not the content within them, but the length of the chapters. Most were just a few pages. I felt lucky when I go to a five-page chapter. I literally have so much to say, but I will just say it annoyed me because it felt like a few chapters could be combined for a longer chapter. But I am not the author and therefore, I will admit that I don’t understand the reasoning behind this way of creating chapters. Other than that, I don’t have any issues with the book.

    For the reasons above, I find myself unable to rate Lock the Doors, anything lower than five out of five stars. I adored this narrative and found it extremely hard to put down. I know complained about the chapters, but that is literally such a minor thing that I can’t count it against the tale itself. I was highly entertained and thoroughly enjoyed the book. Vincent Ralph now has a fan girl for life.

    As far as recommendations would go, anyone who likes suspense and mystery would enjoy this book. I do recommend it being in the YA (Young Adult) genre and up and can’t really say it would not be enjoyable to anyone who picked it up. With the twists and turns, you too may find yourself in love with the writing style of Vincent Ralph. You should check it out.

  • Ruin and Roses by Deanna Ortega Review


    Being the only princess without magic, Jane is the last person you expect to do secret missions. Especially ones that could get her killed easily. However, she is the one going out to train and learn magic differently, all while trying to figure her way out of a wedding, she was told to go through. Jane takes these missions seriously and even though her mentor sends his brother, and a paster lover of Jane, to keep an eye on her, Jane is slowly realizing, that she is only being manipulated to get whatever her mentor is wanting. In this case, it appears that he wants her out of the picture since he cannot control her anymore.

    The Review

    Ruin and Roses by Deanne Ortega is a pretty decent book. The story plot was amazing and hard to put down. I will say it could have used some more editing, especially in the beginning. I say this because some things weren’t capitalized and made me wonder if I had missed pages or words at some point. I didn’t understand what was going on until it happened in the middle of a page. Minus that little error, causing me to fret for a while, I didn’t really find too many other big issues. I loved how the story progressed and even saw changes in characters as they learned and grew into better people. I think the only other real issue I have will be solved in book two, which doesn’t look like it will be released until the end of August. I just have so many questions about the secrets and who is really doing what.

    Enough with my negatives there, I will say that I was enjoying the plot extremely. It was filled with twists and turns and even a forbidden romance that kept you going, will they or won’t they. I have to say this is the first book I would not predict anything in. Every time I thought I understood what was going on, it turned out there were more secrets ad hidden things just out of our reach. I felt like I was trying to figure out a puzzle without all the information. It is clear early on a few things, but it gets confusing the more you read. You can’t help but wonder what are we missing. There were even scenes in this book that seemed to be out of the blue at times but made sense later on. I will say I was pleasantly surprised throughout the entire plot and in the end, leaving you wanting more. I cannot wait until book two is out.

    Rating this book was almost easy for me. I loved it to pieces and devoured it in two days. I was reading it on beaks at work, before work, and after work. I couldn’t get enough of it. As far as the few things in the beginning, one only adding to the story, even if it infuriated me not having a conclusion, I rater Ruin and Roses four out of five stars. Simply because those early on errors drove me insane, thinking I somehow missed pages or sentences from the previous page. I had to reread it a few times. So if you can look past that, the plot is truly an amazing piece of work.

    As much as I would love to say this could be for readers of all ages interested in fantasy worlds and action, I can’t do that due to a handful of scenes that are for a mature audience. Granted they don’t last more than a few pages each, but it is still graphic enough to suggest this book to mature audiences. The scenes don’t take away from the story and don’t seem important most of the time, but add to some character-building and curiosity in the story. However, for those who should not be looking at that kind of stuff.

  • Den of Vipers by K.A. Knight

    Roxy is tough as nails bartender/owner. Having fought her entire life to survive, she doesn’t let anyone scare her and she isn’t afraid to beat up those who break her rules. That is until her father offers her up to four powerful men, to which he owes money to. Now Roxy, a prisoner to these men, needs to learn to survive them or die trying to escape. She puts up a fight and challenges them in ways they didn’t know a woman could, not fully understanding she is a fighter and is not about to show them her weaknesses. Over time, Roxy realizes that they may be considered dangerous and powerful men, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. After all, even a den of vipers needs a queen.

    Den of Vipers by K.A. Knight is a brilliantly written book. It contains a lot of adult scenes, whether through violence or mature content. It is pretty gory, I will say I feel some parts should come with trigger warnings as one of the common things we see is knife play and self-inflicted injuries. Granted this is all part of a character, who I will say I absolutely adored for his crazy personality, but it still feels like it could set people off or trigger them. However, this only added to the story in my opinion.

    The four men, who have changed their last name to Viper, are very rich and powerful, not to mention feared amongst the city. They each have their own demons and personality, making each character more enticing than the last. With the perspective changes, it allows the reader to better understand them. It was fun going through each chapter, not knowing what will come next. Even though each character was very different in their personalities, they all complimented each other in ways I wouldn’t have thought of doing. It rounded them out and even though each character had their own specialty, they were able to work as a unit.

    I can’t think of anything I didn’t like. Don’t get me wrong there were parts I actually cringed and flinched at because it seemed a bit too brutal in my opinion. I could almost feel that pain. It had me questioning, how does one become so immune to the pain that one would willingly harm themselves for enjoyment, or pull off being calm while being tortured. I would have personally had a hard time with it. It had left me with wanting to research pain and the different effects it had on people. After all, some it was pretty gruesome.

    As for a rating, this one was a pretty hard one to rate. I absolutely loved it and found myself trying to make it last. The ending was a little rough, but I think that is due to the conflict ending a few chapters before the book actually ended. Even with that, I loved it. This leads us back to the rating, I would say it deserves five out of five stars. It is just inspiring on top of being a fantastic read.

    I would not recommend this to those with a weak heart so to speak. The violence can be a little overwhelming at points and the language is a bit concerning for young adults. A lot or cursing and dirty talk. But for those who don’t mind blood and guts or foul language, it is a fabulous book. You might even learn some new things about yourself. I know I did