Devotion by Brittany Fuller

Summary : Eva and Noah are just beginning the fight for true love. Eva has questions and needs to make Noah understand she is in it for the long haul. Noah’s past keeps rearing its ugly head, threatening to destroy the happiness he longs for. With Noah’s past and Eva’s stubbornness, the two couldn’t be…

Scarred by Emily Mcintire

Summary : Always being second best and tortured by his older brother, Tristian grows up hating Michael and yearning for what he has. After his father’s death, he has plans to take the crown, but is biding his time while he plots and plans his take over. That is if Michael’s future bride doesn’t wreck…

Black Dog by Rachel Neumeier

Title: Black Dog Author: Rachel Neumeier Page Count: 393 pages Publisher: Anara Publishing Publication date: July 28, 2016 A Quick Summary Natividad and her two brother no longer have a home, as it was destroyed by their father’s enemy. However, with the war against vampires over, their enemy looks to finish off his enemy’s enemy’s…

RWBY: After the Fall by E. C. Meyers

RWBY: After the Fall by E.C. Meyers is a novel based one an anime that was created by Roost Teeth. After the Fall takes place after the attack and fall of Beacon Academy. Before we really get into this review, I suppose I should go into a little back story for those who know nothing…


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