Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants by Caleb J. Boyer

Mathew and Ryan are two teenage boys who happen to be best friends as well. They awake, unsure of where they are or even how they got there. They only remember their names and each other. As they look around, they realize they are on an island and begin to make plans to ensure theirContinue reading “Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants by Caleb J. Boyer”

Truth or Dare by Lindsay Murray

About the Novella Truth or Dare by Lindsay Murray is about two people who knew each other as kids. Red is friends with Tilly’s brother, Micah. Throughout their childhood, Red and his friends teased and bullied Tilly. It wasn’t until one prank revealed Tilly was crushing on Red, that things began to change. Both charactersContinue reading “Truth or Dare by Lindsay Murray”

Lock The Doors by Vincent Ralph

Tom has had a difficult life, leaving him with some issues that make his life a little difficult to adjust to, when his mother marries Jay and they mov into their dream house. With his OCD and anxiety, he can often be considered paranoid and odd, even to his newly blended family. With the holesContinue reading “Lock The Doors by Vincent Ralph”

Ruin and Roses by Deanna Ortega Review

Summary Being the only princess without magic, Jane is the last person you expect to do secret missions. Especially ones that could get her killed easily. However, she is the one going out to train and learn magic differently, all while trying to figure her way out of a wedding, she was told to goContinue reading “Ruin and Roses by Deanna Ortega Review”

Electric Idol By Katee Robert

A little about our story After Persephone left the upper city, Psyche is next in Demeter’s sight to marry Zeus. However, after an unlikely photo, Eros and her come up with a plan to keep Aphrodite from killing her. With Demeter and Aphrodite always feuding, Psyche is in a precarious situation. Being paired up withContinue reading “Electric Idol By Katee Robert”